September 1, 2009

FINALLY got my class thing completely straightened out. (very relieving). Lucky for me I haven't missed any class and a couple of them had been cancelled so that was good. Getting textsbooks is going to be slightly difficult because I have to go to Copycenters scattered around the campus and outskirts of the campus. With each class I meet more people/ get to know people I already met better so I'm really enjoying myself.

Political Systems of the World was cancelled, I found out because I was standing outside with another exchange student and we were waiting for the professor and a Korean girl talking on her phone walked into the room turned on the lights then started screaming in Korean and came out jumping up and down still on the phone so we asked her if the class was cancelled and she was like "yes yes!" and we walked in and there was a bunch of Korean writing on the board so it was a good thing we asked her or else we wouldn't have known so I wrote in english that the class had been cancelled then went and straightened out my schedule.

Then was Korean and we went through the vowels again then moved onto the consonants, we had a substitute teacher because our teacher is sick (perhaps maybe morphing into a pig???) which was nice, I volunteered a lot to say the characters outloud 1) because I knew them maybe a little bit better than other people in the class 2) I know that's the only way I'll learn 3) because no one else would do it. Kind of embarassing but helpful none the less. Right after I met up with the Candian and a girl from Norway Melinda and we got a little lost trying to find the Korea-U.S. relations class.

Once we found it we sat down, there is me and another boy from the United States in the class (he went around the exchange students asking where we were from). The teacher is a little bit difficult to listen to for long periods of time (boring his english is fine) and whenever someone tries to answer his questions he always finds an aspect that they are wrong in. A little intimidating but also motivating to learn more. At the end of the class a girl next to me who has asian features told me she was from Texas (oh how the tables have turned, now the asians blend in...) so that was nice. I don't remember her name though.

I went to the library to get my temporary barcode on the way a boy from Israel came up to me and asked where I was from, he said he'd been studying here for 5 years. He kind of looked like Jesus but thats probably just becaues all the artists make Jesus look like Israelis so really Jesus looks like him. He made me a little bit uneasy so I was glad when I got to the library. I wanted to explore but it was confusing so I just left and went to the International Cafe to read (it isnt even a cafe but people can sit there). Still don't have any homework. blah except getting textbooks I guess.

Ok maybe I'll go wander and find some food/books.

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  1. The scheduling people probably know you by name now. Hope you get your books soon!