September 21, 2009

Checked my mail for the first time in a whillleee got three letters (thanks Gig, Aunt Elizabeth and Mom!). Today is very rainy but I like it that way I was very productive in school work even though classes today were pretty boring. I was going to make flashcards for Korean but I guess the ones I bought are study buddies? I dunno but they aren't flashcards they have writting all over them. Maybe I can use them for something else. Had a nice lunch-pasta. Came back from classes and had a sandwich in the icafe and talked to a girl in a few of my classes that works there. We heard the janitor in the lobby YELLING at the guard and boy behind the desk. obviously we couldn't hear him but caitlyn swears she heard the f word (or at least the korean version but caitlyn also dropped out of our korean class so... haha). About to go to dinner with Caitlyn, barbara, this guy named eric who's actually pretty old anddd thats it I think.
a pretty dull monday.

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  1. I guess a boring day was bound to happen sooner or later.