September 27, 2009

went to a KUBA party in a club last night, very funny but good because a lot of people were there so that was fun. The taxi ride on the way back was a little rough though (he liked the brakes and gas equally).

Went and got more bim bim bop with Caitlyn and Barbara then they went to get coffee and study I didn't go because whenever I get coffee and study with Caitlyn it takes me 4x as much time to get work done (completely my fault because I keep thinking of things to tell her/comment on). I went home and watched 4 episodes of How I Met Your Mother then decided to get coffee with them and do some homework. I really like the Mint Mocha Latte's there even though they are 4,000 won which is kind of a lot.

Chinese Consulate tomorrow! Hopefully everything goes well...

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