September 14, 2009

today I deleted my itunes, lost my room card and have a permanent goose bump disorder (ok maybe it's not permanent but they for sure won't go away) and also I am pretty sure I have a facebook related virus because I can't be on the internet for more than 20 minutes without having it stopworking and it happens mostly when I look at photos on facebook. Today would have been a bad day except that I am in Korea and even though everything sucks its still awesome. ALSO the bugs here are really really annoying me I can't sleep one night without waking up with an itch attack which is what resulted in my lose of room key. hard to explain but I kicked the key off the bed and onto the floor and picked it up and did something with it so really I misplaced it but it is still extremely gone because my room is not large and I have searched it completely. At least I am in Korea which might never lose it's novelty


  1. Uh oh. Sounds like those negative ions are back. Did you wind up buying a cell phone? Be careful with it... you know what happens. I like your last sentence.

  2. at the library and they are helping the handicapped