September 3, 2009

I had a GREAT day. Woke up, one of my classes was cancelled so I got to sleep in a little more then I went and got some breakfast (an orange muffin?? I'm pretty sure it was sweet patato flavored) and sat down on a bench in the shade for a while then went to my Understanding Korean Art class. It was in the education building and was on the 4th floor. there wasn't an elevator which wouldnt be so bad if the stairs werent so steep and if it hadnt been so freaking hot. Got out of that class early then went to Korean.

Korean was fine learned more characters and putting them together and blah blah blah then went to my ROK US relations class which was nice then afterwards sat with some kids from the class waiting for 6pm to meet Hyungjung my Korean buddy for dinner which was AMAZING had Indian food! yayayaya and they gave us FORKS to eat it with!!! love indian food. Came back and watched some Russian music videos which are really amusing. I'm pretty tired but I borrowed a book from Irina by Sophia Kinsella (the girl who writes the shopaholic books) so now I have something to do. I'm pretty tired and I don't have class tomorrow. yay!


  1. Can you understand when someone is speaking to you in Korean? Hope you had a fun off day. Nice to have no classes on Fridays. Wonder what the weekend adventure will be..

  2. i hope you get a tuition refund every time a class is cancelled!!! I hope you are taking lots and lots of pictures! Enjoy the weekend -