September 2, 2009

To start this blog I would like to congratulate Mrs. Virginia McMarrow for being the first to said me a letter! Yay Gig! *applause*

Ok today I woke up early as per usual then finished my book Mr. Darcy, Vampyre except unfortunatly not I have read all my books and don't have anything else to do because we don't have a TV but that might be good because homework is starting to be assigned!

My Chinese Politics class is going to be very interesting we have students from China in there and there is actually a girl who in real life is studying to become someone who "teaches the government to children" she sounds like the exorcist. scary! As per usual professors are putting words into my mouth (I'm the token American) but it's ok if I get kidnapped by the Chinese government or something that would make for a great blog entry and class is more exciting if I have to make a stand on something.

I ate lunch with a boy who is in my Chinese Politics class and my Korean class he goes the the same school as Barbara from my International Organizations class and my Korean class so it is nice to have friends that know each other. He and I were both talking about how we really want a steak.

Korean class was good we moved onto connecting the vowels and consonats today, exciting! She told us at the end of class that we can now officially read. I already kind of knew that but I think some of the people in the class are a bit weary on the subject.

My International Organizations class was cancelled because he was just going to say the same thing to the students who added his class late.

I tried to work out but the workout room at CJ doesn't open until 6 and I looked and they don't have an erg which is actually weirdly what I had wanted to do. I was going to wait until 6 to go run on something but I got a text message from Caitlyn saying that some people were meeting up for dinner at 6:30 so I have changed my plans. I'm meeting them at the anam subway station then we are going out. exciting!


  1. I wonder if there is a bigger workout facility elsewhere on campus that might open earlier and have an erg. Please don't get captured by the Chinese. I don't know if Karen can come and rescue you. And that darn Gige beat leter s/b coming today then maybe.

  2. I'd write, but I didn't know there was an actual address to write to you at . . . . Gige is the world's best letter writer! She actually keeps in touch!!