September 10, 2009

Today was fun, woke up after a night of scratching mosquito bites grr... then had a busy day full of classes. The first one was good the second one (art) was sooooo boring the teacher wasn't organized in her presentation at all. I just kept thinking about how bad of a grade she would get if someone was grading her. I volunteered with 2 other students to present something next week in that class... what I'm presenting I have know idea but I'm sure it will be fantastic. Then Korean was fun Caitlyn and I reminisced our first impressions of each other (hers was people asking her at the airport if she knew clare hubbard because I was missing then seeing me walk into CJ 4 hours later sweating and with two korean women) while simultaneously learning how to say what country we are from in Korean. After Korean I went to ROK-US relations class and the teacher is such a JERK. This boy had to present the first one presenting in the class and the computer was so old that it wasnt even connected to the internet so he couldnt get his power point and he had to improvise luckily he had a speech and wasn't just going to pull it from his power point but he also had his hard drive and computer but none of them worked on the computer at all and the teacher wasn't being nice or helpful at all and he hadn't even explained about the presentations at all but anyway we sat through that then it was THE WEEKEND WOO!!!!

Went to the cheerleading thing AGAIN, against my better judgement but the other school was there too so it was half blue half red and was cool, once again lots of jumping and waving and hand motions and stuff. There was also a playing of "over the rainbow"? I'm not sure why but it was kind of funny there was also a small dog running around the stage I was slightly afraid they were going to eat it but it was fine. Tonight we have the floor meeting then tomorrow I'm up bright and early for some sports watching!!!!!!!


  1. I thought you said they don't eat dog there?????

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