January 10, 2012

Family Picture!

Lee Family

Left to right
Brohan (Johan), Host Dad, Sol, Host Mom, Me and Jihyea

January 9, 2012


I'm back to being an almost normal human being that doesn't sleep like a vampire (during the day). At least I think thats when vampires would sleep.

With the prompting of host dad calling the house from his work at 3pm today I got out of bed and made myself a sandwich then took a shower and stepped out into the real world!!! I went to my favorite near by destination... caffe bene! wish they would spell that right, but they have free internet.

Important things that happened today:
  • BEYONCE HAD A BABY GIRL ...but named her Blue Ivy Carter.
  • NYT PUT KOREA AS NUMNER #42 ON PLACES TO GO THIS YEAR ...for golfing, and the reason why golfing is such a big deal in ROK is because it's so darn expensive because we don't have any land. Only the rich people golf and I knew one kid at the cult university I had to stay at earlier this year whose major was golf. He wasn't on the university's golf team it was his MAJOR. I'd like to hear what the people who scoff at liberal arts majors in the U.S. say to that.

January 8, 2012

Too much sleep can't be unhealthy... right?

Maybe. Except that I haven't been eating either. I think it's high time that I get a grip and wake up for real. Even if 11:30pm is a bad time. I've officially lost track of how long I've been in Korea but the good news is I know what tomorrow is Monday and I will for REAL wake up. Mostly because it's necessary that I eat breakfast tomorrow. Then I will take a shower and go to the coffee shop that I know for sure sells pretzels. 'tis high time I get over this jet lag even if I feel like I've made up for a few years of lost sleep. At least something that I have done is finish the Hunger Games trilogy thanks to the kindle Monica got me for Christmas I'm able to buy the next book immediately after I've finished the predecessor. On Tuesday I meet with my co-teacher to get a new Korean debit card! Horray! I start my winter camp next Monday so I will have all week to make the finishing touches. I'm very grateful for all my international friends who have chipped in to help me with the around the world accents!

*Sidenote* for any of you planning on coming to Korea in the future they have a new biometry system in which your fingerprints and picture will be taken as you go through customs ...unless you have an A-3 visa (like me!!!) in which you are a BOSS because you are exempt for going through the process... due to how official you are.