September 8, 2009

Korea is legit crazy. and it is awesome. Last night I went to a concert last minute because our big Ko-Yon games are this weekend (Korea University and another university compete in 7 different sports all friday and saturday) and it was kind of like a get pumped thing but it was SWEET. I was there for the rock band, the ska band and the rap but I missed the hip hop but I heard it was like a DJ mix of popular club songs which would have been cool but it was out in the street and everyone was on teh roof of different buildings and out windows and all in the street and it was awesome. I was with a pretty big group and I LOVE hanging out with the exchange students they are all so cool. We also met up with two Korean girls who were explaining to us what was happening because everything was in Korean then we went to a bar called Bubble to have a drink. It was awesome.

Today was cool I woke up early and got the nice breakfast downstairs (it's 5,000 won which is kind of a lot for breakfast when I can stuff at a convenient store for like 3,000won). I was really feeling warm coffee because even though it was hot and I usually get cold coffee I just was really craving it and I got TOAST which is really nice to have warm carbs with butter on it with coffee and fruit and this rice with vegetables and bacon in it. CNN was on so it was nice to just sit and have a relaxed breakfast early in the morning with the news.

Walked to class and met a girl named Rachel who goes to UVA and I told her I had friends there. and the professor was being really funny so that was amusing. Then after that I caught up on some reading and I learned some cool stuff about Korea US relations then I met up with Elina for lunch and we had Indian food (haha AGIAN I sort of think I've had more Indian food than Korean... oh well!).

Then I went to Korean which is just funny I couldn't stop laughing for some reason probably because Caitlyn is really funny when we talk in Korean and the whole class is mostly lost all the time but it's just fun.

Korea-US relations is SO borring the professor doesn't even talk about the relation and his voice is SO borring and every time ANYONE tries to answer a question he finds something wrong about their answer or doesn't acknowledge it or something and I can tell it's really detering his want for discussion because no one wants to answer anything he asks and I don't blame them. I even tried to answer a question but that class is just weird I would much rather just read the text book but the teachers are hard core about attendance here. and also participation which is weird because they keep saying how Korean students don't like talking out loud in class so HELLO lets just not worry about participation.

then after THAT I went to a cheerleading pep band practice thing? Which was supposed to last for THREE HOURS!!! so I just peaced after one and a half yelling in Korean can only go on for so long and I already did that in class. They gave us pink plastic bags that we were supposed to fill with air and wave around and hit people and they are really into jumping with our arms around each other and clappign and swaying and it was crazy but I was tired.

Anyway things are going really well here and I'm really enjoying myself even in the boring classes


  1. You are cracking me up.

  2. So glad we weren't boring teachers!
    Keep going to class and keep having fun!

    H and B

  3. You are just having too much fun! I can actually visualize what you are doing - keep on partying and meeting new friends!! Keep on writing - some of your stories are the highlight of my day!