September 22, 2009

today I discovered that I can cure cysts, well at least ones under Caitlyn's hand's skin. She's had a growing cyst for a while now and she came up with an idea that she had seen on america's funniest home video (probably not the best place get medical advice from) anyway, it involved a large man getting his hand smashed by a large book and his cyst going away! So, while we were studying in the basement by the laundry room with Nicholas Bettina and Barbara she asked me to smash her hand with books, finally I rolled up one of Nicholas' texts books and smashed her hand AND IT ACTUALLY WENT AWAY!!! or the fluids dispersed or whatever. but seriously, coolest thing that happened today. Actually maybe not since I went to dongdaemun.

Dongdaemun is sweet, it has loads of shopping centers and you can walk around and there are a billion stands selling everything from fake flowers to hiking shoes to live eels. I was temped to buy an eel just because it would have been cool but I decided it would probably smell in the subway, I also dont know how to say "eel" in Korean.

Also went to Coldstone with Milda because she was having a bad day, I'm really upset that they don't have cookie dough ice cream here. it's basically killing me. Went to lunch with Elina it was fun usually we go out to eat then go to a coffee shop. Today we decided to go hiking (FINALLY) this weekend. I CANT WAIT.

While doing all this I still finished my homework for tomorrow and am watching the new gossip girl! yay.

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