September 17, 2009

So today I did my first ever presentation in Korea about the Chosun period of Korean art. Teacher loved it so that was good except then I had to watch her power point for another hour where she waves her laser around the slide until I get motion sick.

Korean class was cool, we had another class come in and we all had to go around introducing ourselves and blah blah so actually it wasnt cool but I've been through worse.

THEN the best thing EVER went to a CONFRENCE on "Future of North Korea and Souh Korea-U.S. Alliance: Adjusting to Emerging Realities" It was cool I got to sit at a leather chair and I had my own microphone! I didnt use it but it was still fun. The guy presenting was named Victor Cha and he is a professor at Georgetown University and is also the new Korea Chair for CSIS. He and my US Korea realtions teacher are "best friends" kind of funny. It was interesting because Dr. Cha worked as a negotiator under the Bush administration and he was very smart. I was talking to a Canadian boy named Kurt who goes to Queens and he talks in a lot of my classes so I was waiting for him to ask a really good question but we didn't really have time because most of the questions were from professors from Korea University or other men from other places, there was one Russian who said that Americans have the annoying habit of having elections to often so that was funny because it's true, it's easy for us to push off problems to another campaign and it's hard to be able to make long term agreements if policies can change with administrations (we talked about it in my International Politics class). I can almost hear mom commenting on this post right now.

Talked granny on the phone yesterday. It was pretty sweet lasted 35 whole seconds!! maybe we can push it to 32 next time. ITS THE WEEKEND YAY!!!!!


  1. I just erased a big para on U.S. elections and international relations. Really, who wants to read about my thoughts on that. I think Granny was afraid it was costing you hundreds of dollars to call her. Try again in a week or so. I think she will just enjoy hearing that you are fine.
    That conference sounds really great. I'm glad you are having these opporunities.

  2. We are keeping up with your blog and we are so happy that you have this opportunity. I'll bet Granny was thrilled to hear your voice. We can relate to those 15 second telephone conversations...we had a few of those when we called her from Germany! Uncle Bill said do not go hiking on the DMZ :)