September 6, 2009

Tonight was fun, Milda and I bought Irina a cute little cake from a local bakery and brought it to her because she was on duty downstairs at the reception desk and we got to go in the back rooms and light a candle on it and celebrate her birthday properly (her friends got her a cake last night but she said they threw her piece in her face and then ate the rest of it haha.) then we gave the last piece to the Korean security guard and he was very thankful.

Also tonight I emailed to get a free ticket to the ASF asian music festival with all their awesome korean pop boy bands and girl bands like Big Bang, 2en1, girls geneation andddd lots of others! That's on september 19th.

Also I don't know if I've already said this but Elina's uncle invited me to make kimchi with them this year!!! so that is going to be a real korean experience.


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