September 5, 2009

Yesterday was pretty boring, read and did homework for most of the day then went to Itaewon with Milda and had dinner, Indian food again!

TODAY I woke up and decided I really wanted to go shopping so I got on the subway and went to the COEX mall. I made the mistake of going into the department store first, holy COW things are so expensive! So I didn't buy anything then I went into the actually mall where things were much much cheaper and I got a few really cute shirts and necklaces. I think my new favorite store is W&Double . They also have a store called bean pole which Elina told me is like the Korean version of a Jcrew polo hybrid even though they have Polo here but NOT jcrew grrr....

COEX also has a movie theatre and an Aquarium and I really want to go to the aquarium next time I go but today I couldn't spend too long at the mall because we have the welcome party for exchange students with our KUBA buddies. fun. We were all going to meet in one place but now they're like "ahh h1n1 we don't want to die" so they separated us to like 5 different locations. they are such babies.

My group is with group 5 (I'm 9) and we're meeting at some place called Fiesta? Except I think it's funny because they don't have F's in the Korean alphabet (the notorious gate F) so really if you read it in Korean it's more like Piesta. ha

Yesterday I got some crackers and peanut butter so it's fun to snack on those except the crackers kind of suck. well so does the peanut butter but it's the best I'm going to get so I'm not complaining. really I'm not


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