September 6, 2009

The welcome party was very funny. Our two groups were down in the basement of a restuarant and they ordered us pizza from dominos but it was NOT american pizza at all. It was really really thin and also had potatos on it with other things. The other pizza had stuff like that too and I had a piece of both they were fine but not something I'd crave. I met another Chinese girl and more Koreans and the Chinese girl kept wanting to play games at the table she was very nice and I liked her a lot. I also met a girl from Australia who just arrived named Leah. She's cool too.

Haven't done anything today except a lot of reading for homework which is boring but oh well. Also today is Irina's (my roommate's) 20th birthday!!! yay Irina!

The weather is kind of gray but still humid. And I still want to watch tv.

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