September 30, 2009

AH!!! going to CHINA!!! seriously like right now, because Caitlyn and I booked a hotel right by the airport for the night because we are just weird and crazy and at first I thought she said that "incheon was booked" as in it was full already but really she meant that she booked our room which means that right now I have to PACK and get everything ready and then be off on my way to CHINA!!! aldfjaldfjadfkjafkjd crazyyyyyyy and so exciting. won't be able to check my facebook, literally because they are turning it off along with twitter for the weekend because of the national holiday this is going to be INSANE.....

September 29, 2009

today went great
got my visa
did my presentation
didn't die.

it's great now if only my flight will stop changing so I can FIGURE out how I'm getting to the airport that would make my day just fabulous.

September 28, 2009

wow, today has been jam packed.
6:55am woke up got dressed for the day
7:15am met Caitlyn downstairs for CJ breakfast where we met up with Nickev and Bettina
8am left for Anam Subway station
8:15am arrived at subway station meeting Sean, Dan and Alex (aka Mole?-that's his last name)

picture this, two american girls with Sean (from London) with a shaved head, skull tattoo a batman tee shirt on and a camo backpack, Alex with skinny jeans long hair with his headphones in looking like an emo teenager being dragged on a family vacation and Dan tall blonde german holding the map, but also directionally challenged. It was pretty funny. Until Sean realized that he forgot his passport so one down 4 to go (Luke and Ed are late on arriving because they had to print out another document). The 4 of us get to the Consulate (which I had had a dream about last night that we were going to a fake consulate and then we got screwed over).

I hand her all the materials and Caitlyn's like "make sure we can get it by Wednesday" and so I said "Can we get these Wednesday?" and she said "No".

--"You can get them tomorrow"
that girl should have been punched in the face. not funny. So then we all get our visas and Sean, Luke, and Ed all got theres too so tomorrow after 11 I'll be picking up my passport and I can go to China!!!

Then I go to class which was really boring after all that morning excitement then I go home thinking I'll do some homework but then I just ended up writting some letters.

I also had to go to the museum so I can write a paper on 3 art pieces but the museum was closed (open all weekend but closed on Mondays... grrr) so then I went and mailed my stuff (6,820 won for two packagesish and two lettersish)

Went to class then had dinner with Barbara and Caitlyn at Benares (Indian!)

And now I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY have to do my presentation due tomorrow :-)

September 27, 2009

went to a KUBA party in a club last night, very funny but good because a lot of people were there so that was fun. The taxi ride on the way back was a little rough though (he liked the brakes and gas equally).

Went and got more bim bim bop with Caitlyn and Barbara then they went to get coffee and study I didn't go because whenever I get coffee and study with Caitlyn it takes me 4x as much time to get work done (completely my fault because I keep thinking of things to tell her/comment on). I went home and watched 4 episodes of How I Met Your Mother then decided to get coffee with them and do some homework. I really like the Mint Mocha Latte's there even though they are 4,000 won which is kind of a lot.

Chinese Consulate tomorrow! Hopefully everything goes well...

September 26, 2009

The last few days have been stressful/nice all at the same time. Yesterday we pretty much awful (at least for the morning part) My friend Caitlyn and I went to the chinese embassy to try and get visas and the gaurd was all "nu uh gotta go to the consulate" so we had to make a quick switch to the consulat all while pressed under time and we had to tell a few of our friends who were following us to the embassy directions to the consulat and so then we all had to find the consulat and caitlyn and I got there first and they wouldn't give us visas because the certificate of admission to university of korea wasn't good enough we needed a "studentship certificate" and I was not happy but they would have none of it and told us to come back monday so after leading our other friends on a wild goosechase we dissapointed them by saying we needed some mystical document so the 5 of us went to the school's international building to ask what this mysterious document was but they were on lunch break so we took a quick break too then at 1pm the nice lady who had dealt with me earlier trying to change classes etc told us we needed a certificate of enrollment and told us exactly where to go which was amazing. I assured all my friends that from now on things will go smoothly and it was probably my fault that things had been going poorly (I pretty much have a two and a half rule where things have to go terribly wrong two and a half times before I have any luck hence the class switching problem) and since we had already gone to the wrong building, didn't have the right document and came at the lunch time we were good to go from now on. So we all got the forms for enrollment and are going very early monday morning to get visas. (it pretty much sucks because every other country besides the United States has to pay 35,000 won and we have to pay 120,000 won. ridiculous.)

We left and I took an amazing nap then Liane, Caitlyn, Milda, Dan, Will, Luke, Ed and myself went to an uzbekistani/russian resturant for dinner I had "Plov" which is carrots, rice and beef mixed together, pretty good but also not that exciting" then we had ice cream, milda, caitlyn, Liane and I got soft serve in waffles and the boys went to coldstone then we met them at coldstone and went home (early night because tonight we're going to some club through our KUBA organization).

This morning woke up and printed out some homework then met Liane, Caitlyn and Barbara for some coffee at this great place where we could sit on the roof and do homework. We also had lunch at a cheap place, I had pork dumplings.

Now I'm going running with Caitlyn! We'll see how this goes...

September 24, 2009

OK so last night Caitlyn and I planned our trip to CHINA!!!! we go next weekend! we have our flight, our hostel and we still need our visas. but I am SO SO SO excited!!!!

September 23, 2009

I GOT A TOASTED BLUEBERRY BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE TODAY. You may think that I cheated because it was at a dunkin donuts but really I didnt because most dunkin donuts dont have kimchi filled pastries or glazed garlic doughnuts. I kid you not. seriously. don't believe me if you dont want to I only hope they're still there when someone comes to visit so that you will all believe. maybe I could take a picture. International Organzation is SO BORING. Chinese Politics was pretty dull today too, im pretty sure the teacher's goal is to make us all hate china. kind of weird. anyway. Mostly I'm just excited about my bagel.

September 22, 2009

today I discovered that I can cure cysts, well at least ones under Caitlyn's hand's skin. She's had a growing cyst for a while now and she came up with an idea that she had seen on america's funniest home video (probably not the best place get medical advice from) anyway, it involved a large man getting his hand smashed by a large book and his cyst going away! So, while we were studying in the basement by the laundry room with Nicholas Bettina and Barbara she asked me to smash her hand with books, finally I rolled up one of Nicholas' texts books and smashed her hand AND IT ACTUALLY WENT AWAY!!! or the fluids dispersed or whatever. but seriously, coolest thing that happened today. Actually maybe not since I went to dongdaemun.

Dongdaemun is sweet, it has loads of shopping centers and you can walk around and there are a billion stands selling everything from fake flowers to hiking shoes to live eels. I was temped to buy an eel just because it would have been cool but I decided it would probably smell in the subway, I also dont know how to say "eel" in Korean.

Also went to Coldstone with Milda because she was having a bad day, I'm really upset that they don't have cookie dough ice cream here. it's basically killing me. Went to lunch with Elina it was fun usually we go out to eat then go to a coffee shop. Today we decided to go hiking (FINALLY) this weekend. I CANT WAIT.

While doing all this I still finished my homework for tomorrow and am watching the new gossip girl! yay.

September 21, 2009

This just in...
One of the other boys from University of Dayton has swine flu!!!!
will anyone escape this quickly spreading disease???
and who's next???

stay tuned for your updated swine flu alerts.
Checked my mail for the first time in a whillleee got three letters (thanks Gig, Aunt Elizabeth and Mom!). Today is very rainy but I like it that way I was very productive in school work even though classes today were pretty boring. I was going to make flashcards for Korean but I guess the ones I bought are study buddies? I dunno but they aren't flashcards they have writting all over them. Maybe I can use them for something else. Had a nice lunch-pasta. Came back from classes and had a sandwich in the icafe and talked to a girl in a few of my classes that works there. We heard the janitor in the lobby YELLING at the guard and boy behind the desk. obviously we couldn't hear him but caitlyn swears she heard the f word (or at least the korean version but caitlyn also dropped out of our korean class so... haha). About to go to dinner with Caitlyn, barbara, this guy named eric who's actually pretty old anddd thats it I think.
a pretty dull monday.

September 19, 2009

well, im a genius. I don't know what to tell you guys but you are SO lucky I have figured out computers because my internet was completely broken then I fixed it. I'm just amazing.

TODAY my buddy Hyungjung and like 6 other people and I had fun in Seoul, we went to a "traditional" Korean house museum thing and it was very pretty we played old school korean games including a spinning thing that I was awesome at (I even have pictures to prove it) then I went to the North Seoul Tower and seriously, seoul is so big. You don't even know it's the biggest city, ever. It just goes on and on and mountains don't even stop it it just keeps going. Very pretty, Hyungjung told me it's best at night. Then we went to baskin robins and ate a HUGE thing of ice cream between us. Now I'm just basking in my awesomeness because not having internet was KILLING me.

September 17, 2009

So today I did my first ever presentation in Korea about the Chosun period of Korean art. Teacher loved it so that was good except then I had to watch her power point for another hour where she waves her laser around the slide until I get motion sick.

Korean class was cool, we had another class come in and we all had to go around introducing ourselves and blah blah so actually it wasnt cool but I've been through worse.

THEN the best thing EVER went to a CONFRENCE on "Future of North Korea and Souh Korea-U.S. Alliance: Adjusting to Emerging Realities" It was cool I got to sit at a leather chair and I had my own microphone! I didnt use it but it was still fun. The guy presenting was named Victor Cha and he is a professor at Georgetown University and is also the new Korea Chair for CSIS. He and my US Korea realtions teacher are "best friends" kind of funny. It was interesting because Dr. Cha worked as a negotiator under the Bush administration and he was very smart. I was talking to a Canadian boy named Kurt who goes to Queens and he talks in a lot of my classes so I was waiting for him to ask a really good question but we didn't really have time because most of the questions were from professors from Korea University or other men from other places, there was one Russian who said that Americans have the annoying habit of having elections to often so that was funny because it's true, it's easy for us to push off problems to another campaign and it's hard to be able to make long term agreements if policies can change with administrations (we talked about it in my International Politics class). I can almost hear mom commenting on this post right now.

Talked granny on the phone yesterday. It was pretty sweet lasted 35 whole seconds!! maybe we can push it to 32 next time. ITS THE WEEKEND YAY!!!!!

September 15, 2009

the middle of the day started with a BANG. literally. halfway through Korean class there was an explosion outside and we all ran to the window but we think it was just fireworks or something because there was red and yellow smoke. but then our classroom smelled like sulfur. Chemistry lab gone wrong? no one will know....

Before Korean went to lunch with Barbara, Caitlyn and a girl named Janice from Canada. We had bim bim bop basically rice with vegetables and it was nice.

Had to meet for a group presentation at the library and we are all taking a certain amount of slides then meeting tomorrow and then presenting in our Korean Art class thursday. very exciting.

Walking back to CJ I saw the two girls from Chile, Carolina and Paulina, and decided to use my amazing spanish skills. the conversation went something like this:
Me: Hola!
Paulina: Hola! Como estas?
Me: Asi-asi
Carolina: asi-asi??? fkjadsfkljadlfkjadlfjadljf (lots of spanish I didn't know)
that pretty much ended the spanish part of our conversation but I sat down with them (they were smoking but almost done) and one of the boy RA's came out with a tray of facemasks and rubbing alcohol. We asked him where he was going and he said "one of the boys in CJ has swine flu so we're checking everyone's temperatures. Whoops wasn't supposed to tell you that he has h1n1." then walks away so we walk in and we're ushered to the desk where they take our temperature. I was pretty nervous since I have a cough and my forehead seems pretty warm but when she took it I was a 35.6 and the normal is 37 something. I got into the elevator and started talking to a chinese girl in my korean class and her friend and they said that since they're using rubbing alcohol to take the temperature each time that it's going to be lower no matter what.

Later I was in Caitlyn's room and we heard a knock at her door and we looked out and it was the girl taking temperatures and she took
anyway back to my story. (but that was pretty exciting wasn't it??). The total count is 6 boys from anam and one girl from CJ, seriously this is straight from the authorities you should all be lucky that you have such an insider writing this blog. I should probably notify perez hilton.
OK so the girl took caitlyn and her suite mate's temperature then told us that they will be checking our temperature once every 5 days. Caitlyn's room mates are from China and they are freaking out about h1n1. I'm pretty sure it's just an asian thing because everyone else who I've talked to about it from South America, Europe etc seem fine.

Thank you aunt elizabeth for the package!!!

Time to do some Hwork!

September 14, 2009

today I deleted my itunes, lost my room card and have a permanent goose bump disorder (ok maybe it's not permanent but they for sure won't go away) and also I am pretty sure I have a facebook related virus because I can't be on the internet for more than 20 minutes without having it stopworking and it happens mostly when I look at photos on facebook. Today would have been a bad day except that I am in Korea and even though everything sucks its still awesome. ALSO the bugs here are really really annoying me I can't sleep one night without waking up with an itch attack which is what resulted in my lose of room key. hard to explain but I kicked the key off the bed and onto the floor and picked it up and did something with it so really I misplaced it but it is still extremely gone because my room is not large and I have searched it completely. At least I am in Korea which might never lose it's novelty

September 13, 2009

so this weekend was crazy. the Ko-Yong games were amazinnggggggggg cheered the whole time. The cheerleaders just kept cheering the entire time im pretty sure they didn't even want us to watch the game and that the cheerleading was the main event and so we had to stand and cheer the WHOLE day because all the sports were one after the other (it was straight up from a harry potter book during the world cup quidditch match colored smoke, fireworks, mascots, seriously crazy.) and it was sweet because I was one of the few people that knew what was going on during the baseball game and we WON and it was great. We lost basketball and ice hockey but I didn't see those and we were winning rugby but at the last second they tied but i have no idea what was happening but it was fun to watch rugby then we won soccer and it was fantastic then the whole arena poured onto the field and of course everyone was still cheering and so we were having a cheer/dance off with the other school and it was fun. Then we went to the bar because the Korea University alumni pay for food and drinks all night at a lot of the bars on the street so I talked to a lot of them, the english professor and the bar owner and a lot of other people.
I chose the worst time to go to the bathroom because when I came back everyone in the bar was getting into a circle and these korean ladies were waving me over and smiling so I got in between straight up the entire alumni there was just me the american girl and we were doing all the cheers and they were impressed because I could introduce myself in korean and say where I'm from. It was so so so so so much fun.

Saturday night after the baseball game I went to a resturant because Luke one of the brittish boys turned 21 and so we went to celebrate at Fiesta then we went to Karaoke bar and the first, the FIRST song they played was wonderwall and I started dying of laughter. Oasis is the panty dropper song of the world. I left pretty soon because there was no way I was singing but over all it was a great great weekend. as per usual.

September 10, 2009

Today was fun, woke up after a night of scratching mosquito bites grr... then had a busy day full of classes. The first one was good the second one (art) was sooooo boring the teacher wasn't organized in her presentation at all. I just kept thinking about how bad of a grade she would get if someone was grading her. I volunteered with 2 other students to present something next week in that class... what I'm presenting I have know idea but I'm sure it will be fantastic. Then Korean was fun Caitlyn and I reminisced our first impressions of each other (hers was people asking her at the airport if she knew clare hubbard because I was missing then seeing me walk into CJ 4 hours later sweating and with two korean women) while simultaneously learning how to say what country we are from in Korean. After Korean I went to ROK-US relations class and the teacher is such a JERK. This boy had to present the first one presenting in the class and the computer was so old that it wasnt even connected to the internet so he couldnt get his power point and he had to improvise luckily he had a speech and wasn't just going to pull it from his power point but he also had his hard drive and computer but none of them worked on the computer at all and the teacher wasn't being nice or helpful at all and he hadn't even explained about the presentations at all but anyway we sat through that then it was THE WEEKEND WOO!!!!

Went to the cheerleading thing AGAIN, against my better judgement but the other school was there too so it was half blue half red and was cool, once again lots of jumping and waving and hand motions and stuff. There was also a playing of "over the rainbow"? I'm not sure why but it was kind of funny there was also a small dog running around the stage I was slightly afraid they were going to eat it but it was fine. Tonight we have the floor meeting then tomorrow I'm up bright and early for some sports watching!!!!!!!

September 8, 2009

Korea is legit crazy. and it is awesome. Last night I went to a concert last minute because our big Ko-Yon games are this weekend (Korea University and another university compete in 7 different sports all friday and saturday) and it was kind of like a get pumped thing but it was SWEET. I was there for the rock band, the ska band and the rap but I missed the hip hop but I heard it was like a DJ mix of popular club songs which would have been cool but it was out in the street and everyone was on teh roof of different buildings and out windows and all in the street and it was awesome. I was with a pretty big group and I LOVE hanging out with the exchange students they are all so cool. We also met up with two Korean girls who were explaining to us what was happening because everything was in Korean then we went to a bar called Bubble to have a drink. It was awesome.

Today was cool I woke up early and got the nice breakfast downstairs (it's 5,000 won which is kind of a lot for breakfast when I can stuff at a convenient store for like 3,000won). I was really feeling warm coffee because even though it was hot and I usually get cold coffee I just was really craving it and I got TOAST which is really nice to have warm carbs with butter on it with coffee and fruit and this rice with vegetables and bacon in it. CNN was on so it was nice to just sit and have a relaxed breakfast early in the morning with the news.

Walked to class and met a girl named Rachel who goes to UVA and I told her I had friends there. and the professor was being really funny so that was amusing. Then after that I caught up on some reading and I learned some cool stuff about Korea US relations then I met up with Elina for lunch and we had Indian food (haha AGIAN I sort of think I've had more Indian food than Korean... oh well!).

Then I went to Korean which is just funny I couldn't stop laughing for some reason probably because Caitlyn is really funny when we talk in Korean and the whole class is mostly lost all the time but it's just fun.

Korea-US relations is SO borring the professor doesn't even talk about the relation and his voice is SO borring and every time ANYONE tries to answer a question he finds something wrong about their answer or doesn't acknowledge it or something and I can tell it's really detering his want for discussion because no one wants to answer anything he asks and I don't blame them. I even tried to answer a question but that class is just weird I would much rather just read the text book but the teachers are hard core about attendance here. and also participation which is weird because they keep saying how Korean students don't like talking out loud in class so HELLO lets just not worry about participation.

then after THAT I went to a cheerleading pep band practice thing? Which was supposed to last for THREE HOURS!!! so I just peaced after one and a half yelling in Korean can only go on for so long and I already did that in class. They gave us pink plastic bags that we were supposed to fill with air and wave around and hit people and they are really into jumping with our arms around each other and clappign and swaying and it was crazy but I was tired.

Anyway things are going really well here and I'm really enjoying myself even in the boring classes

September 7, 2009

well, last night was eventful. There was a fire in the men's anam dormitory so they had to evacuate for 2 hours from like 11:45 to 2am and the internet is stationed there so none of us had internet until now.

Today's classes were fine, Korean is starting to put me to sleep because we're still doing the same thing but repetition is good for learning! Chinese Politics was ok except we just learned about Political Science and went around and said a short bit about ourselves and that one Chinese girl still scares me because she went over how she's an idealogy major and how she loves her country and her voice still sounds like she's big brother but maybe I'll get over it. Intense people are always entertaining. International Organizations was a little stressful because Barbara said she's had pressure in her chest and her heart is beating fast etc. for the past 3 days and I told her maybe she should go to the hospital so then I think she started freaking herself out more because she decided she needed to go to the hospital RIGHT THEN and so all class she was fidgeting and I was having some trouble paying attention but I walked her back to her room and now she and her roommates are going to the hospital I offered to take her but she got Caitlyn and another girl who knows a little bit of Korean and 4 is kind of a big entourage so I'm here in my room and need to catch up on some MAJOR reading that I didn't know I had to do for International Organizations.


September 6, 2009

Tonight was fun, Milda and I bought Irina a cute little cake from a local bakery and brought it to her because she was on duty downstairs at the reception desk and we got to go in the back rooms and light a candle on it and celebrate her birthday properly (her friends got her a cake last night but she said they threw her piece in her face and then ate the rest of it haha.) then we gave the last piece to the Korean security guard and he was very thankful.

Also tonight I emailed to get a free ticket to the ASF asian music festival with all their awesome korean pop boy bands and girl bands like Big Bang, 2en1, girls geneation andddd lots of others! That's on september 19th.

Also I don't know if I've already said this but Elina's uncle invited me to make kimchi with them this year!!! so that is going to be a real korean experience.

The welcome party was very funny. Our two groups were down in the basement of a restuarant and they ordered us pizza from dominos but it was NOT american pizza at all. It was really really thin and also had potatos on it with other things. The other pizza had stuff like that too and I had a piece of both they were fine but not something I'd crave. I met another Chinese girl and more Koreans and the Chinese girl kept wanting to play games at the table she was very nice and I liked her a lot. I also met a girl from Australia who just arrived named Leah. She's cool too.

Haven't done anything today except a lot of reading for homework which is boring but oh well. Also today is Irina's (my roommate's) 20th birthday!!! yay Irina!

The weather is kind of gray but still humid. And I still want to watch tv.

September 5, 2009

Yesterday was pretty boring, read and did homework for most of the day then went to Itaewon with Milda and had dinner, Indian food again!

TODAY I woke up and decided I really wanted to go shopping so I got on the subway and went to the COEX mall. I made the mistake of going into the department store first, holy COW things are so expensive! So I didn't buy anything then I went into the actually mall where things were much much cheaper and I got a few really cute shirts and necklaces. I think my new favorite store is W&Double . They also have a store called bean pole which Elina told me is like the Korean version of a Jcrew polo hybrid even though they have Polo here but NOT jcrew grrr....

COEX also has a movie theatre and an Aquarium and I really want to go to the aquarium next time I go but today I couldn't spend too long at the mall because we have the welcome party for exchange students with our KUBA buddies. fun. We were all going to meet in one place but now they're like "ahh h1n1 we don't want to die" so they separated us to like 5 different locations. they are such babies.

My group is with group 5 (I'm 9) and we're meeting at some place called Fiesta? Except I think it's funny because they don't have F's in the Korean alphabet (the notorious gate F) so really if you read it in Korean it's more like Piesta. ha

Yesterday I got some crackers and peanut butter so it's fun to snack on those except the crackers kind of suck. well so does the peanut butter but it's the best I'm going to get so I'm not complaining. really I'm not


September 3, 2009

I had a GREAT day. Woke up, one of my classes was cancelled so I got to sleep in a little more then I went and got some breakfast (an orange muffin?? I'm pretty sure it was sweet patato flavored) and sat down on a bench in the shade for a while then went to my Understanding Korean Art class. It was in the education building and was on the 4th floor. there wasn't an elevator which wouldnt be so bad if the stairs werent so steep and if it hadnt been so freaking hot. Got out of that class early then went to Korean.

Korean was fine learned more characters and putting them together and blah blah blah then went to my ROK US relations class which was nice then afterwards sat with some kids from the class waiting for 6pm to meet Hyungjung my Korean buddy for dinner which was AMAZING had Indian food! yayayaya and they gave us FORKS to eat it with!!! love indian food. Came back and watched some Russian music videos which are really amusing. I'm pretty tired but I borrowed a book from Irina by Sophia Kinsella (the girl who writes the shopaholic books) so now I have something to do. I'm pretty tired and I don't have class tomorrow. yay!

September 2, 2009

To start this blog I would like to congratulate Mrs. Virginia McMarrow for being the first to said me a letter! Yay Gig! *applause*

Ok today I woke up early as per usual then finished my book Mr. Darcy, Vampyre except unfortunatly not I have read all my books and don't have anything else to do because we don't have a TV but that might be good because homework is starting to be assigned!

My Chinese Politics class is going to be very interesting we have students from China in there and there is actually a girl who in real life is studying to become someone who "teaches the government to children" she sounds like the exorcist. scary! As per usual professors are putting words into my mouth (I'm the token American) but it's ok if I get kidnapped by the Chinese government or something that would make for a great blog entry and class is more exciting if I have to make a stand on something.

I ate lunch with a boy who is in my Chinese Politics class and my Korean class he goes the the same school as Barbara from my International Organizations class and my Korean class so it is nice to have friends that know each other. He and I were both talking about how we really want a steak.

Korean class was good we moved onto connecting the vowels and consonats today, exciting! She told us at the end of class that we can now officially read. I already kind of knew that but I think some of the people in the class are a bit weary on the subject.

My International Organizations class was cancelled because he was just going to say the same thing to the students who added his class late.

I tried to work out but the workout room at CJ doesn't open until 6 and I looked and they don't have an erg which is actually weirdly what I had wanted to do. I was going to wait until 6 to go run on something but I got a text message from Caitlyn saying that some people were meeting up for dinner at 6:30 so I have changed my plans. I'm meeting them at the anam subway station then we are going out. exciting!

September 1, 2009

FINALLY got my class thing completely straightened out. (very relieving). Lucky for me I haven't missed any class and a couple of them had been cancelled so that was good. Getting textsbooks is going to be slightly difficult because I have to go to Copycenters scattered around the campus and outskirts of the campus. With each class I meet more people/ get to know people I already met better so I'm really enjoying myself.

Political Systems of the World was cancelled, I found out because I was standing outside with another exchange student and we were waiting for the professor and a Korean girl talking on her phone walked into the room turned on the lights then started screaming in Korean and came out jumping up and down still on the phone so we asked her if the class was cancelled and she was like "yes yes!" and we walked in and there was a bunch of Korean writing on the board so it was a good thing we asked her or else we wouldn't have known so I wrote in english that the class had been cancelled then went and straightened out my schedule.

Then was Korean and we went through the vowels again then moved onto the consonants, we had a substitute teacher because our teacher is sick (perhaps maybe morphing into a pig???) which was nice, I volunteered a lot to say the characters outloud 1) because I knew them maybe a little bit better than other people in the class 2) I know that's the only way I'll learn 3) because no one else would do it. Kind of embarassing but helpful none the less. Right after I met up with the Candian and a girl from Norway Melinda and we got a little lost trying to find the Korea-U.S. relations class.

Once we found it we sat down, there is me and another boy from the United States in the class (he went around the exchange students asking where we were from). The teacher is a little bit difficult to listen to for long periods of time (boring his english is fine) and whenever someone tries to answer his questions he always finds an aspect that they are wrong in. A little intimidating but also motivating to learn more. At the end of the class a girl next to me who has asian features told me she was from Texas (oh how the tables have turned, now the asians blend in...) so that was nice. I don't remember her name though.

I went to the library to get my temporary barcode on the way a boy from Israel came up to me and asked where I was from, he said he'd been studying here for 5 years. He kind of looked like Jesus but thats probably just becaues all the artists make Jesus look like Israelis so really Jesus looks like him. He made me a little bit uneasy so I was glad when I got to the library. I wanted to explore but it was confusing so I just left and went to the International Cafe to read (it isnt even a cafe but people can sit there). Still don't have any homework. blah except getting textbooks I guess.

Ok maybe I'll go wander and find some food/books.