September 7, 2009

well, last night was eventful. There was a fire in the men's anam dormitory so they had to evacuate for 2 hours from like 11:45 to 2am and the internet is stationed there so none of us had internet until now.

Today's classes were fine, Korean is starting to put me to sleep because we're still doing the same thing but repetition is good for learning! Chinese Politics was ok except we just learned about Political Science and went around and said a short bit about ourselves and that one Chinese girl still scares me because she went over how she's an idealogy major and how she loves her country and her voice still sounds like she's big brother but maybe I'll get over it. Intense people are always entertaining. International Organizations was a little stressful because Barbara said she's had pressure in her chest and her heart is beating fast etc. for the past 3 days and I told her maybe she should go to the hospital so then I think she started freaking herself out more because she decided she needed to go to the hospital RIGHT THEN and so all class she was fidgeting and I was having some trouble paying attention but I walked her back to her room and now she and her roommates are going to the hospital I offered to take her but she got Caitlyn and another girl who knows a little bit of Korean and 4 is kind of a big entourage so I'm here in my room and need to catch up on some MAJOR reading that I didn't know I had to do for International Organizations.



  1. Hey Clare,
    Hope your friend is ok - keep us posted!!

  2. Your mother is back online now. So sad to see all those postings with no comments. I'll bet somewhere you can get a decent pizza. It will be like a scavenger hunt. Let us know how Barbara is.

  3. Barbara is fine, walking around and everything! yay