September 28, 2009

wow, today has been jam packed.
6:55am woke up got dressed for the day
7:15am met Caitlyn downstairs for CJ breakfast where we met up with Nickev and Bettina
8am left for Anam Subway station
8:15am arrived at subway station meeting Sean, Dan and Alex (aka Mole?-that's his last name)

picture this, two american girls with Sean (from London) with a shaved head, skull tattoo a batman tee shirt on and a camo backpack, Alex with skinny jeans long hair with his headphones in looking like an emo teenager being dragged on a family vacation and Dan tall blonde german holding the map, but also directionally challenged. It was pretty funny. Until Sean realized that he forgot his passport so one down 4 to go (Luke and Ed are late on arriving because they had to print out another document). The 4 of us get to the Consulate (which I had had a dream about last night that we were going to a fake consulate and then we got screwed over).

I hand her all the materials and Caitlyn's like "make sure we can get it by Wednesday" and so I said "Can we get these Wednesday?" and she said "No".

--"You can get them tomorrow"
that girl should have been punched in the face. not funny. So then we all get our visas and Sean, Luke, and Ed all got theres too so tomorrow after 11 I'll be picking up my passport and I can go to China!!!

Then I go to class which was really boring after all that morning excitement then I go home thinking I'll do some homework but then I just ended up writting some letters.

I also had to go to the museum so I can write a paper on 3 art pieces but the museum was closed (open all weekend but closed on Mondays... grrr) so then I went and mailed my stuff (6,820 won for two packagesish and two lettersish)

Went to class then had dinner with Barbara and Caitlyn at Benares (Indian!)

And now I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY have to do my presentation due tomorrow :-)

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  1. Oh the stress and excitement. Hope the others going to China with you have the same luck. This weekend you'll be in crazy is that?!