September 26, 2009

The last few days have been stressful/nice all at the same time. Yesterday we pretty much awful (at least for the morning part) My friend Caitlyn and I went to the chinese embassy to try and get visas and the gaurd was all "nu uh gotta go to the consulate" so we had to make a quick switch to the consulat all while pressed under time and we had to tell a few of our friends who were following us to the embassy directions to the consulat and so then we all had to find the consulat and caitlyn and I got there first and they wouldn't give us visas because the certificate of admission to university of korea wasn't good enough we needed a "studentship certificate" and I was not happy but they would have none of it and told us to come back monday so after leading our other friends on a wild goosechase we dissapointed them by saying we needed some mystical document so the 5 of us went to the school's international building to ask what this mysterious document was but they were on lunch break so we took a quick break too then at 1pm the nice lady who had dealt with me earlier trying to change classes etc told us we needed a certificate of enrollment and told us exactly where to go which was amazing. I assured all my friends that from now on things will go smoothly and it was probably my fault that things had been going poorly (I pretty much have a two and a half rule where things have to go terribly wrong two and a half times before I have any luck hence the class switching problem) and since we had already gone to the wrong building, didn't have the right document and came at the lunch time we were good to go from now on. So we all got the forms for enrollment and are going very early monday morning to get visas. (it pretty much sucks because every other country besides the United States has to pay 35,000 won and we have to pay 120,000 won. ridiculous.)

We left and I took an amazing nap then Liane, Caitlyn, Milda, Dan, Will, Luke, Ed and myself went to an uzbekistani/russian resturant for dinner I had "Plov" which is carrots, rice and beef mixed together, pretty good but also not that exciting" then we had ice cream, milda, caitlyn, Liane and I got soft serve in waffles and the boys went to coldstone then we met them at coldstone and went home (early night because tonight we're going to some club through our KUBA organization).

This morning woke up and printed out some homework then met Liane, Caitlyn and Barbara for some coffee at this great place where we could sit on the roof and do homework. We also had lunch at a cheap place, I had pork dumplings.

Now I'm going running with Caitlyn! We'll see how this goes...

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  1. Okay, let's hope the 2 1/2 rule sticks. Good luck!