August 31, 2009

Something I forgot to say about yesterday, Elina told me her uncle would be happy to have me when they do their annual Kimchi making thing in November!!! Very exciting.

Ok today, I woke up and had to go switch one of my classes that was at the same time as the other and I switched into Chinese Politics EXCEPT I JUST LOOKED AT MY SCHEDULE AGAIN AND THEY PUT ME IN A DIFFERENT CLASS WHICH IS A COMPLETE FAIL BECAUSE THEY KEEP SCHEDULING ME FOR STUPID CLASSES THAT ARE THE SAME TIME AS MY OTHER CLASSES AND THIS CLASS ISNT EVEN IN ENGLISH!! AHHHHH SO ANNOYING. so I have to change that AGAIN before my classes tomorrow.

My classes today were very good. After I switched into Chinese Politics I ran to the class because I would have made it just in time except that it was cancelled and until Wednesday which is fine since I wasn't even OFFICIALLY IN THE CLASS AT THE TIME ANYWAY BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I SPECIFICALLY WROTE THE CLASS NUMBER NAME AND SECTION THEY STILL FAILED TO BE ABLE TO SWITCH ME but anyway. Then I went to starbucks because it was close and my back hurt from all the walking and I sat and read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre. Which is very good so far. Then I went and got an agenda for my classes then I got lunch which was not very good because it was pizza and garlic bread on a pastry/sugar coated piece of bread. ew. I ate the garlic bread but I just couldn't eat the pizza. Then Fredrico saw me at the corner that I was crossing and said that he had to walk to change his classes and if I knew where Korean 1 was so I walked him to the building where it was and there was a large group of us who couldn't find the class we were supposed to be in so I stood around with a bunch of people and met a boy from Canada named Kirk who goes to Queens and I told him about how I know people in Canada north of Toronto and he says he lives close to where they do which is cool. Then we sat down in a huge auditorium where they split us up into 4 different classes and I'm in the same class as Milda, Caitlyn and Barbara (Barbara is studying in Holland and is Caitlyn from Ohio State's roommate). We only had a little bit of class but the teacher told us everything will be in Korean so that is going to be very very funny.

Barbara is in my International Organizations class so we walked there together and the teacher reminds me a lot of my International Politics teacher, who was the one who wrote me a recommendation for here. The teacher is strict but funny and also I think very smart. I'm excited to learn more. He talks about the United States a lot and he kept calling on the few International Students in the class I believe looking for someone from America but he didn't find anyone and he never called on me so he can find out that Im American later.

I walked back to my room and did laundry then Milda and I went to some Korean resturant or maybe it was Japanese they all taste weird I just point to a picture and eat whatever and I don't even know what it is (but I DO know it isn't dog because I actually know the korean word for dog) then we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream and walked back where I found out that I HAVE TO GO SWITCH MY CLASSES AGAIN. but really its fine im totally cool with that.



  1. Did you know that my first semester at Rutgers, they dropped my registration and I had to reregister for all my classes? It happened to a bunch of people, but as far as I could tell, I was the only one whose bill was paid, who had all the prerequisites done, and basically had everything in order. You learn the system fast when you have to deal with that stuff, so it turned out to be a good thing. I just hope it all gets straightened out before you miss too much classtime. xox

  2. have you learned the word for cat yet????

  3. And how do you know the food word for dog is the same as the pet name for dog? Might be like cow and beef. I'm just saying...

  4. haha I do know the word for cat too, and horse but I don't think they eat horses here.