July 7, 2011

Yoga and PyeongChang

For those of you who haven't heard the news: PyeongChang won the 2018 Winter Olympics bid!!!! to read an article about it here is a link.
In other news...
I am now Clare Hubbard the resident Yoga teacher here at Jungwon University. No, I am not equipped to teach yoga but thanks to a $5 well spent on a yoga app I was able to leave myself and 10 other girls in a Sun Salutation Wellness session!!! We have decided we are going to try yoga MWF and move up to more advanced levels. I'm kind of actually really excited, we've all been pretty sore from walking around so much so the stretching is really helpful. I have a feeling the class will grow which is a little nerve racking because I'm not really super aware
of what the next yoga pose is going to be and I have to stand in front of everyone so they can follow me... ahh!!

But I'm still really excited. The location was on the veranda overlooking the mountains and I made them do tree pose on the ledge so I could take a sweet picture of them. (see below)


  1. Very exciting about the Olympics. Cool that you could be there for the announcement. Kind of like being in Beijing for the 50th anniversary of Communism. You've got the knack. That yoga pic is very cool -- looks like a sweet place to hold the session. Does everyone have mats? You'll have to do the advanced session a couple of times on your own before you lead the group in it.

  2. oops... in trying to post i lost my post. Let's just say the next cool yoga pose could be Weird Rock & Dinosaurs. sounds like a ton of fun. wish i was there! xx

  3. it was the 60th anniversary of the peoples republic monica get it right, nobody has mats we kick it old school on cold hard marble. and thanks Karen!!

  4. Glad you were attentive to the history of the neighboring country! Is an acceptable goal to work for the Olympic site committee after ETA?

  5. Are you entering Yoga as a Sport to be played in the Olympics???? If so you "Look good."