July 20, 2011

Teaching Lesson

Hey everyone! Yesterday was my first ever English teaching experience! (formally, I guess). I taught a class of 10 students about the Lewis and Clark expedition and then had them go for an expedition/relay race around the classroom looking for some of the same objects Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea discovered. We then reviewed the words which ranged from animals to plants and tribes. The lesson ended a little early so I just made them help me clean up. It was a good experience and the next lesson I'm teaching is to the "low beginner elementary" class, this means that they don't know English... so we'll see how that goes. There's only four students in the classroom so that will be interesting too because when we're placed we will probably have classrooms of 30-37 kids. The weather is actually very nice today! I went for a short walk with Leslie.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty crappy, Leslie brought me to the nurse who told me I had a "high fever" then gave me some pills. I feel better and hope it will go away soon!!!

On another note: everyone should listen to Beyonce's new cd, (ok, it's not as good as her other ones but give her a break she can't be phenomenal all the time.) especially "Love on Top" that's my favorite song on the album


  1. Dear Clare,

    I hope this is your sickness for the year. Take your vitamins and allergy meds every day. It's hard to lead a yoga class if you are ill. I'm glad you like the new Beyonce cd. I understand she'll be performing at the adult dance at Harbor Beach this year. Too bad you won't be there.
    Your Mother

  2. Dear Clare,
    No exotic illnesses please. Four in the class can give you as much trouble as 37. Sounds like a Catholic elementary to me, but you will do fine.
    Who is Beyonce?

    Love ya,
    Aunt Elizabeth