July 6, 2011

Quail Eggs

This morning for practice I was deceived by these little grey balls mixed with our beef, thinking it was steak and potatoes I scooped one up and put it my mouth and was disgusted to find out I had just eaten a rubbery small egg from a quail. For those of you who don't know this about me, I am really freaked out by eggs. Despite that one drawback I had a pretty good day.

We did 4 hours of Korean class followed by lunch then an hour seminar on "camp fulbright" which is an english camp we put on for 2 of the 6 weeks we are here to train for teaching english. We just went over the schedule that we will have during that time period. After that we had a break to get dressed up for Jai Ok Shim to come and talk to us (she is the executive director of fulbright korea) and it was alright, she had some interesting points and it was nice to finally see her but the whole thing was a little stuffy. After that we had dinner which actually included fried chicken so that was pretty funny. I had a one-on-one talk with one of the OCs about how I was adjusting [turns out I'm adjusting well derrr.] then to a "supplemental" talk about the fulbright 15, staying fit in Korea. Supplemental means optional but we think they call them supplemental talks so that more people will show up because they think it's mandatory. I got to talk to Chris for the first time on the phone today which was nice and then I went for a walk with Lucy and we scooped out the place we plan on doing yoga tomorrow morning (the veranda over looking the mountains, how guru is THAT!?!?) and it seems like a lot of girls are interested so it should be very fun. I'm sure some boys would be interested too but we haven't invited them yet. Tomorrow is our first try so we'll see how that goes... will keep you posted with some pictures hopefully :)


  1. Do you have weekends off? I don't have a sense of where you are. Is it a suburb of Seoul, and can you get into Seoul by train?

  2. Great to hear from you. Mail on the way.

  3. It's two hours from Seoul in the middle of nowhere, I don't have a sense of where I am either so join the club. Once I care enough to know where I am I'll draw it on a map