July 11, 2011

Clare Does Taekwondo...

Well, OK we didn't really do anything but we had our first class today. We went over stretches and the basics of Taekwondo (it's for defense, we don't use weapons and it's very mental). We also don't get to spar anyone until the fourth week of class so if there was a girl in the class I wouldn't mind hitting a couple times I won't be able to do that for a few weeks.

This morning we had our first Korean quiz and now we are going over introductions!! yaaaayyyy. Also today we had a thrilling 2.25 hour talk on the History of Korea. Let me tell you, I had a great time.

We also had a class captain's meeting (I'm the class captain, mostly because I'm the only one who understands the teachers but the rest of the class is learning swiftly!!) so not only do I have to tell the teacher when people are sick but I have to organize the end of term dinner, gift and we have to make a video or do a performance. LUCKILY I have my new macbook air that has great video editing skillz.

This past Sunday we went to chongju (sp?) and went shopping it was great I got some really cute dresses, flats andddddd ummm I don't remember what else. We had some coffee at a cutsie store and I had a great time :)

It's been raining a lot... more updates later!


  1. How many class captains are there And when are you starting a rowing team?

  2. just can't shed that captain title can you?

  3. I'll never start a rowing team and HELLO ALI!!!!!!!! There's one class captain per class and there's 8 classes... so 8