July 5, 2011

Last Night

Hey everyone,
last night after the language announcements we had to meet on the Veranda for a Global Language Exchange meeting with Korean students at Jungwon University and at first I was very tired and no one really wanted to do it but it was "mandatory" so we all went. I talked to a lot of Koreans and am thinking about joining the club but the only thing is that taekwondo is everyday and "GLEE" (I forget what the other E is for) is three times a week, the times don't overlap but it would still be a lot I think. It was really fun then afterwards we all went into the "town" and had some drinks at the bar and it was seriously a trip down memory lane because I felt like I was back in Seoul again doing all the same games. Essentially, it was amazing. I am totally in my comfort zone here and I can't wait to learn and do more.

Yesterday the OCs were talking to us about what their past years in Korea have been like and I was amazed at how excited I was to be doing all the same things that they do. This morning we have four hours of Korean language and then lunch then a seminar about the Korean educational system.

Keeping you informed!


  1. So happy you are back blogging and happy!

  2. It took me about a half hour to post that comment. Hopefully it will be easier next time. Anyway, had a great weekend at HB. Everyone sends their best wishes and is so proud of you.

    I must ask, do most of the women in the program have names that begin with the letter L?

  3. Not everyone but there are a lot of Laura and Laurens going around. Then with Liza, Lisa, Leslie, and Lucy it does seem sort of overwhelming.

  4. Yes, happy to be reading about your days activities.

    I tried twice and then went to the library and talked to the computer expert who set me right up, I hope!

    What is the time difference?