July 21, 2011

Clare goes to the Hospital!

Yep, that’s right the RA Alex took myself and another ETA named Art to the hospital today because we were sick. I got there and they took my temperature said it was very high and listen to my chest (I have bronchitis). They took an X-Ray and said it looked ok but that I needed a shot of medicine and then some pills also. I got the shot then we all went to the pharmacy to get the crazy amount of medicine we need… I have to go back on Saturday for a check up. The doctors appointment and X-Rays and Shot cost37,000 Won and the medicine was 18,000 Won which in totally is less than $60 US with NO INSURANCE. (the insurance that they gave us doesn’t kick in for another 2 weeks.) Of course Leslie was with us too so the four of us had a nice trip to the hospital with some awesome translating.

Of course I had to document it... don't let the smiles fool you, trust me, we were sick.

After the hospital we went to the stationary store then to the bakery were I got a baguette. Yay carbs!!!!

I’m so happy that I finally got medicine and that my cough will go away then I will have enough energy to go to taekwondo!!!


  1. You're killing me! No more sickness!

  2. She's not really dying. She's going on vacation.
    Glad you got some meds, it is amazingly inexpensive.
    I'm also glad you like the beyonce cd. I thought that might happen!

  3. I'm all caught up on your adventures now. Am glad to hear all is well, although I must admit I miss some of your "adventures" in the earlier blog. Feel better. First year teachers get sick a lot - you haven't even started though. Pure Clare! Will send u some of those esl websites this week.

  4. Girl you need some antibodies up in thurrrr