July 4, 2011

2nd Day on Campus

Good Morning!!!!

This morning I woke up at 7am, fully rested but wanting coffee. It seems like I got an amazing sleep compared to most people (I went to bed at like 9:30 then woke up at 7 while other people were either up at 4:30-5 or woke up every hour). What can I say, I'm a pro. My roommate and I went down for lunch and I met another rower!!!!! Unfortunately I can't remember her name but she was born in Korea and grew up in Maui. pretty baller. After breakfast there was an optionalhangeul (Korean language) review but Leslie and I skipped it and walked aroundcampus which was amazinnnngggg. There is a golf course and mountains and a garden and a pond and a weird likerock thing. Another kid came up and was taking pictures and he climbed up it but usually in Korea you're not just allowed to walk around on the grass or climb on things they're just kind of for looking so Leslieand I didn't follow him but I did get a good picture which should probably be his next profile picture. While Leslie and I were walking around wealso saw a garden/pond that had dinosaur sculptures and fake plastic geese. The University itself looks like a huge penitentiary. I feel like I'm at a sparesort with all the facilities they have except that it is a University. The OCT which are the people who used to be ETAs but then came back for a year and are running the program (who I think talk to us like little Korea children, which I LOVE cough cough) call it the "marble mansion". It is pretty confusing finding places but I successfully lead a group to breakfast today. woohoo! Breakfast was not the same as it was at Korea University in that it was pretty much the same thing that we had for lunch yesterday and I have a feeling it's going to get old pretty fast (like, fast as in it's already old). I really like Korean food but I am also a dry cereal with fruit and coffee kind of girl. They don't serve coffee at breakfast butluckily there is aconvenient store where I can by a thingof iced coffee. Leslie and I ended our walk at the botanical garden and the pond that Leslie is standing in front of.

After our walk we had to go to a "Korea Language Program Opening Ceremony and Language Placement Test" and I almost PEED MY PANTS because I was SO EXCITED because KOREA UNIVERSITY is going to be teaching us!!! They sent teachers to Jungwon University (none of which were my old teacher) to come teach us Korea and then at the end of the course we are GOING BACK TO KOREA UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!! AKLDJFALDJFALKDJFALDKJFADF I'm so happy. seriously I am, I almost started crying. Maybe not but I was pretty dang excited. So that will happen at the end of the program and I CANNOT W
AIT. I'm getting excited Just thinking about it. I took the test which was the same exact one that we took when getting to Korea University where I have improved from witting a smiley face to an introduction about myself but then i was sent to the interview where I was like holy crap I don't know what this lady is saying so after a lot of misunderstanding and me apologizing I just started speaking all the random phrases that I knew but she kept trying to ask questions to elaborate and I was like meanheyo I give up. So we'll see where THAT gets me. hahaha. the good thing is I'M NOT GRADED!! except personally. and because I am highly motivated I am convinced I will do awesomely. Plus Leslie has been impressed with my random Korean so far so I'm not too worried about it.

I wanted to end with a picture of the dinosaurs which were right by the pond and to the right of these was the door to the botanical garden.

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  1. I see modesty is still galloping thru our family.