October 16, 2009

just got back from a hard day of studying, well it went more like woke up at noon had the best 13 hour rest of my life after a week of staying up late studying to... STUDY SOME MORE but I think I got a lot accomplished. before studying I put up some facebook photos of China, kind of funny since I don't have any of Korea up yet... then studied Chinese Politics pretty well. Got most of the example questions done except for the long essay which I think I can do pretty easily because I have good notes on that question. Then checked out a DVD room for the first time, you can rent a room and watch a dvd in it for 11,000 won, it was pretty sketchy actually probably wont be doing that again anytime but I watched Gran Torino which was pretty cool because it was like I was HOME!! especially the last part when he's driving down lakeshore. It was weird because then when I got back outside I was in Korea again. Movies/Movie theatres are weird like that.

Tomorrow Caitlyn and I are off to myong dong to studyyyyyy and maybe look in H&M :-)

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