October 13, 2009

Today was a great fall day!

Woke up for Political systems of the world and the class was alright then went back to my room to do some homework, which was soothing for some reason today. Then I went to Korean class and got to go back to my room because my ROK-US relations class was cancelled (extra time for us to study for our midterm on thursday). Did some tasks I had to finish then met Caitlyn and Dan at starbucks before the International Festival meeting where every country makes a table to represent its self. I'm the sub representative for the US table. Weird to be surrounded by Americans even if it was just for a small period. there are about 11 of us working on the table. After the meeting we left to find it POURING rain and thunderstorming outside. That kind of sucked. oh also at the meeting they gave us free drinks and I took this green one just because I didn't know what it was, I took a swig and there was like JELLY stuff in it. Found out later that it was an Aloe Vera drink, so not only is it good for sunburns but also drinking? Kind of tasted like gross grape jelly. yeah so I didn't like that much. Caitlyn and I stopped for dinner and I had a roast beef sandwich which was good but the Cherry Coke I had with it tasted like cough syrup-YUCK. two bad drinks in one day.

Also got a package from Mrs Duncan!! :-)

I'm checking to see if I can get Beyonce tickets, everything is in Korean since the English selling tickets closed or something? They said I could get them at the door maybe so we'll see how that goes. hopefully awesome.