October 10, 2009

This has to be quick but I've had some great highlights this weekend!!
First off, for those who don't know, Hank came to visit me! we still have one full day left together so should be good.

Insadong yesterday we saw the NEW JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER!!! no joke, and I don't want to brag but I totally knew who he was just by seeing him. I'm impressed with myself,

ALSO today went to the DMZ. that's right people. Two very exciting things happend
A) I CAUGHT A FROG!! I caught a frog in the dmz. And I kissed it (no prince for me..)
B) was in NORTH KOREA. we were in a building and on one half it was in North Korea and the other half in South Korea.

pretty boss.
sorry I'll write more about china later but we're getting bbq now soooooo too bad for you.

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