October 30, 2009

Spent today with Monica and Elizabeth, we went to Insadong and shopped for a whle and then sat by the river, my favorite spot in seoul. Then we went to the tea house they went to yesterday with Kelly and I got to see the birds flying around, The tea I had was called double harmony and it wasnt very good but that's ok> We also went to the beautiful tea museum where elizabeth bought some citron tea to take home only five thousand won. Then we went to The traditional korean village and then up to seoul tower where we had a nice dinner and then went to the top of the tower and waited until the sun set and then saw all the nice lights at night. Had a really good day and now I'm back for some studying. Wrote all of this with my head down on my desk. I'm pretty talented.
PS for those who don't know which is pretty much everyone except Hank, at north seoul tower couples buy hearts and locks that they can write on and put them up on the fence for "love forever" stuff. When dad and I went up there he bought a heart and lock and wrote "seoulmates" on it with his and Mom's names and anniversary date. So when we got up there mom found the heart and it was pretty cool.


  1. How sweet, that Hank is so romantical

  2. Yes, I found it by magic amidst the thousands...true love!