October 17, 2009

wow today could have been really bad, but of course it wasnt.
Went to myong dong to shop... i mean STUDY. And went to a starbucks and studied there for a long time then Caitlyn and I decided to relieve ourselves of some stress by going SHOPPING!!! I bought some really cool clothes. There's also this place called Aland which is like urban outfitters sort of but cooler and cheaper, the basement floor is a bunch of stuff people made like jewelry and headbands and then the first floor is clothes, the second floor is like furniture stuff and the highest floor is a "flea market" where the sell "vintage clothes" I bought some cute hair clips from the top floor, a headband from the bottom floor and a shirt from the first floor. Also went to forever21 and this other store called redwood. Very good day except I ALMOST lost my purse at Aland. Seriously hadn't been that scared in a long time sort of thought I was going to faint/throwup. But thankfully I was in Korea and no one steals things so someone had turned in my purse and nothing was stolen and it was GREAT and I hugged the guy at the store who got it for me.

Now I'm going to study some more! yay midterms. at least I can look great while I do them.

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