October 22, 2009

Yesterday was... AWESOME!!!!!!!
Started out good then just got better.
Went to Insadong with Caitlyn. Studied at Coffee Bean for a while, had a great breakfast of a warm blueberry muffin and some coffee. Got done with my Political Systems of the world midterm practice essay so I could know what to write about when I had the test. Then we walked around the streets for a while, she bought a nice bowl and cup from a ceramics stall. We went to lunch at a really cute all vegetarian resturant. The food was really nice and good. The place that we ate was in a cute little knook area and they gave us some of the Solomans tea or something, tasted just like the tea that Dad ordered at the tea house in Insadong. Then for desert they gave us this cinamon tea that Janice told me the name of but I forgot. I had to leave after that and Caitlyn stayed, I had class.
Went to class then after class Janice texted me to see if I was still up for the Beyonce concert, um, OF COURSE.
So Janice and I headed out to the place where the concert was (ticketless at this point) and we got to the area with no problems. Amazing, I know. We got there, the concert was at the olympic gymnasium and asked where to buy some tickets, we were directed to a place that literally said "Happy Box" If that box hadn't made me extrodanarily happy I would have been pissed. but alas, they had tickets. STANDING TICKETS. Yes, they were expensive but so so so worth it. I bought a T-Shirt because yes, I did forget my camera. In all the excitement of seeing Beyonce I forgot my camera. I probably won't forgive myself anytime but I am so glad I bought the shirt. I'll probably wear it for the next 3 days. It even shows the show in Detroit that I missed. We got into the stadium and ended up 3 people away from the stage. The concert was supposed to start at 8:30 and a teen Korean pop group called f(x) was opening for her, but they never actually came on it was weird, at 8:45 Beyonce just came on the stage and started the most amazing thing I've ever seen. So crazy. I was stunned. Almost started crying, ok not really but I did scream like I was a 12 year old korean girl at a Big Bang concert. She was awesome. She even incorporated some Sarah McLauchlan and Alanis Morisette (Janice liked that, she's Canadian). During Single Ladies she started off by showing a lot of youtube videos of people doing the single ladies dance then she did it with her dancers. She showed Obama a few times, and she did a song for Michael Jackson. At the end she sang Happy Birthday too. The thing I was a little bummed about is that the venue was pretty small, and it wasn't even full! it was so weird see Beyonce in a small place that wasn't even full! I mean I haven't seen her in a large place but still. I'm glad though because I was very close to the stage, and also, I WAS IN KOREA.
So that was awesome.

And then I took my midterm this morning, I hope I did well!
Maybe going to Jeju tomorrow? Dunno... we'll see....

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  1. Clare's perfect day...blueberry muffin and Beyonce.