October 12, 2009

Well dad left today but this weekend was pretty crazy,
Saturday we went to this place that was called Ice Bar or ground sub zero or something and it was a bar where everything was made of ice and they give you jackets and gloves and you go and drink something out of an ice block and there was music playing. nice to say that I went there but probably wont go back.

Sunday was jam packed with seoul seeing
Started off with a "traditional korea village" where we walked around and played games, saw exhibits and enjoyed the nice weather. Then we went to north seoul tower where you can see all of seoul (the day wasn't that clear but it's still very impressive). After that we went to meyong dong which is where the shopping district is and we ate lunch there. THEN we went to insadong and browsed some more then we went to my favorite place in seoul, the river and walked to the beginning of the river up the street to watch a fountain show then we went to the korean palace museum (a smaller version of the forbidden city). After that I took him to the worst part of seoul, Itaewon where all of the foreigners go, gross. haha just kidding. sort of. FINALLY we had dinner with my korean buddy Hyungjung and we had barbeque. Lots of walking around and activity but Im pretty sure dad got a full seoul experience (minus tapoke from the street vendors, oh well.).

Today was alright, had class then went to Hongik University area with my friend Caitlyn to sit at a coffee shop and study in a different area for a while, didn't work to well teh people watching was too good. BUT something really cool that happened is that we saw some guys on the street that had stayed in the same hostel with us in China so that was really neat, we exchanged numbers and maybe we'll see them again (they are Canadians teaching english).

Now it's time for some homework, I have a midterm on thursday... yikes!

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  1. Popsicle is home. Looking at his pictures. Fun fun fun! Can't wait to come over. Also you must continue with your Beijing tales.