October 20, 2009

wow, today was cool because I didn't have midterms slept all the way to 9:30!! and felt like a bum. If there's anything I've learned from this trip it's that I still like to go to sleep early and wake up early when I have a normal schedule (this excludes summer).
Woke up and read a little then got ready for lunch with Elina. Went to get Indian food (im obsessed I know...) then went to check out a new small shop then got some rosemary tea! After that saw Caitlyn and Barbara at Tiger Plaza sitting outside so we relocated to starbucks and studied for a while then i walked to class with Mi-ae and got there pretty early so talked for a to Kurt the canadian boy who was doing the presentation for that class (we have to do presentations on the readings we had to read for that day-today was anti-american sentiment Ikenberry). So that was interesting also because a boy named Alex from Pittsburgh thought that he was presenting today so that was kind of an akward moment. Sucks for Alex especially since it's midterms week and usually people don't have class because their teachers aren't jerks. But I had lunch with Alex earlier that week and he said he didn't study for midterms anyway so I didn't feel that bad. After class met up with Caitlyn and Milda at another coffee shop and did more homework. Milda left after a while then Caitlyn and I decided to try a Chinese Resturant that we hadn't been to. Had no idea what we ordered but Caitlyn made it clear she didn't want any pork (one of the four dishes they were serving that day? dunno wasn't paying attention) but he brought us spicy noodles in this red soup with clams, octopus, crab leg things and other sea food. Looked more Korean than Chinese but Caitlyn loves sea food so she had a good time and I even ate some clams.
Later I decided to do laundry, accidentally dropped my phone which temporarily broke and was very stressful. but then... (best part of the day) Met up with JANICE and SHE AND I ARE GOING TO THE BEYONCE CONCERT TOMORROW!!!!! hopefully hopefully HOPEFULLY they will be selling tickets still !!!! :-) such high hopes. could be epic. so I CANNOT wait for tomorrow.
After meeting with Janice helped Caitlyn translate Korean names so she could email her organizational behaviors group. I'm awesome.

that's about it!

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