November 23, 2009

I had a good day today. Full of food, at breakfast in Dunkin Donuts I bumped into Tyler (he goes to University of Florida) and he told me about his weekend in Tokyo with his parents then I went to class and after class Liane and I went to Table B for BLTs and french fries and coke! then I had 2 more classes after that I went to DaVinci for coffee and homework when Ed and Luke called to ask if I wanted go to BBQ so then Caitlyn, Luke, Ed and I went to get BBQ (caitlyn ate the side dishes) then we went BACK to DaVinci had some more coffee and played sporkle games then walking back to CJ we passed my favorite bakery so we stopped in and got some Pikachu (sp?) cookies and then walked by Coldstone where we saw Dan buying some ice cream so we stopped by and said hello to him then went back to CJ and I did some more homework. All together today has been a very full-filling (ha! get it?) day.


  1. That was ages ago! What have you been up to lately?

  2. Testing comment posting for Gig through Firefox. You missed some good turkey (and the stuffing Keely made with your father's secret recipe) here in Maine. Didn't seem like Thanksgiving though without the N.J. flavor.