November 19, 2009

Hey! Sorry I haven't written in a long time! This week has been good, student elections are going on and instead of the typical posters in pins the canidates here get groups of their friends (paid actors??) to sing and dance in groups all around campus!!! Pretty amusing. maybe I can find a way to video tape it. Camping was very tiring last weekend it was a 10.6k hike all together we went up a mountain then stayed a night in a shelter then went back down, all this while I had a cold. Of course it didn't make the cold any better but oh well I just have a cough now. Caitlyn's family is here and that's almost as stressful as having your own family here! We went to myeong dong yesterday for korean bbq and to see Nanta. It was good but I liked Jump better. I haven't done laundry in a while but whenever that happens my outfits get more creative/formal. I wore the skirt mom bought me today and I was FREEZING!!! I'm not doing laundry before we take Caitlyn's sister out clubbing so it's going to be amusing but all my Korean friends use my excuse of being foreign for anything I do that is strange so I'm just going to pull the American (or Canadian depends on who I'm talking to, just kidding I haven't said I'm from Canada yet which is an accomplishment for most American's here.) card. Found a place that serves very nice BLTs and I don't even really like Bacon that much but the pesto sauce they put on the sandwich is soooooooo good.

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  1. I was beginning to think you had been eaten by one of those bears.
    Is camping out just a hike?
    Thanks for the post card, very pretty but too much snow, we're going to have a snowless winter in Maine this year, because I said so.
    Are you going to be content to eat at home when you get back?