November 4, 2009

And I did pretty well I think!! Except I forgot to mention "kinky sets" but that really freaks me out so I'm glad I forgot about it.
Finally got to see Caitlyn tonight so we went to myeongdong (probably helped that mom and Elizabeth gave me some money) Don't worry girls I'll look very cute because of you!! I also kept enough so that it can pay for my trip to Busan this weekend!
Yes. another trip. get excited, I know I am!!
As for now I'm just relaxing, watching some tv online and being sad I can't hear Jason Mraz's new CD on aol. stupid regional nonesense.

Having pretzels in my room to snack on is becoming dangerous.

1 comment:

  1. You'll look cute anyway, but we're happy to help with the effort. Glad the exam is over.