November 3, 2009

its freezing.

Woke up and went to class this morning then had lunch with Elina at Table B where I got a nice blt and coke. hit the spot. then we went and got some rosemary tea at Cafe School then I had Korean and ROK-US relations. After classes I met up with mom and elizabeth.

I bought mom and Elizabeth some cookies from my favorite bakery and then we walked to Cafe School which was closed but I knew that they were going to be closed and that they would open up again because Elina and I asked when we went there earlier that day. Sooooo we were walking to find another Cafe then a sign of God happened and it made me look down the street and see a Cafe Capri that I had never ever seen in my life and it's so close to CJ. We went in and it was warm and smelled really nice and they had rosemary tea!!! Mom ordered rosemary tea I had an Americano and I don't remember what Elizabeth had but the rosemary tea was in a teapot that they kept warm on top of a candle. It was cool. I also got to witness another romantic feat.

The girl at the table had a cake next to us that she had bought somewhere else (and mom didn't want to eat the small cookies I got her even though I explained that we're not in the US but no one listens to me...) and then she lit the candles on the cake and had a small pig cookie that I recognized from my bakery (I in fact got the same kind for mom and elizabeth) and then her boyfriend walked in and it was incredibly cute but I had to stop watching because it was probably akward for them.

The place smelled really nice and they had very relaxing music on and the chairs were very comfy so I was pretty happy to just sit there. It was mom and Elizabeth's last night in Seoul! They had a good time at the DMZ and they're flying back tomorrow morning.

Now my midterm is tomorrow and I'm totally burnt out and over studying for it. sigh.

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