November 2, 2009

Today was a pretty good day,
Woke up after a nice sleep. Got a coffee then watched a documentary in Chinese Politics class then met up with Mom and Elizabeth for lunch, unfortunately we Cafe School was once again closed so it looks like they wont be getting some rosemary tea. sigh. We had Benares which was alright, the waitress was new but she sort of knew english, not enough to bring me the right thing but it was still really good. Then I went and studied for a while went to Korean then studied IO with Dan who's in my class and then me dan and Caitlyn met mom and Elizabeth for dinner at a vegetarian korean resturant. On the way there we bumped into Mi-ae, Kurt and JP who were joking about how we bumped into each other and they met my dad and now they're meeting my aunt and mom but only kurt really met them. Then we went to the restaurant and it was really nice.
Now I'm back in my room and i just finished taking all the notes I think I'll be taking on this reading and I'll just study them now.
I also have a Chinese reading I'm supposed to do for Wednesday... yikes.

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