December 1, 2009

Hey everyone! sorry it's been so long, I hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving turkeys. I had a good weekend, we had a KUBA party and all the foreign exchange students and their various KUBA buddies were all packed into a Korean club. The boys on the KUBA staff dressed up in dresses and wigs and did a dance to a popular k-pop song. classic. Then on Saturday night a boy who was visiting Alex who goes to University of Pittsburg came to visit from Japan and Alex had a date so he dumped his friend with Barbara and I so we went out with him and he was pretty nice but kind of weird. He came to visit Korea for a starcraft video gaming thing? I don't know and he was showing us "sticky pics" of him and girls that he dates in Japan. Once you get past that he's alright. Over the weekend I had to miss a temple stay because I had a group meeting for a presentation that we have tomorrow. I was really upset though because none of the group members had done anything and we didn't accomplish anything at the meeting. I was pretty upset so I tried to schedule a temple stay for Barbara (she's in my group too), Carolina (she's from Chile) and I this weekend but it's full so the only weekend I have left is the one before finals. I made a reservation but I'm really nervous about the amount of work I'll have before then. I finished my art paper which is due December 10th. (I've never been so prepared in my life) and I also finished my scholarship paper yesterday that is due on the third. It's like when I'm bored I do homework. who would have thought? So I'm pretty depressed that I have the last three weeks of my stay in Korea planned out and so that makes it seem like a very short period of time. Caitlyn and I are walking around Seoul this weekend so that should be a fun activity. mmmm that's about it.

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  1. I'm sad that your time there is coming to an end, but very happy that you'll be home soon. Make the most of these last weeks!