August 24, 2009

Today we met at Inchon Memorial Hall and I walked with Milda where they split us into 9 different groups we happened to be in the same one (group 9) where we met our KUBA buddies. My Buddy is named Hyungjung and she is very nice but does not speak English amazingly so it is fun to talk to her. I also met girls from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and a bunch from Korea. One of the girls who lived in Seoul was studying at the University of Michigan-Elina so that was nice to talk to her. She and I made plans to go hiking soon so I am excited to go out and see some parks. We went through an introduction orientation speach and then we made our student email accounts and looked at classes that we could register for. We had lunch and that was ok there were dumplings which were nice I had a dish that was basically just potatoes and carrots covered in like a soy sauce type thing there were many different sides like kimchi and bean sprouts and salad with a yougurt sauce (litteraly just strawberry yougurt on a salad). Lunch went well except that there were 3 different places to get cups from and me being the smart one choose the one place that there were dirty cups which I found out because when I was trying to put the cup away Elina said you can just put it here and she pointed to where I had gotten the cup. I tried not to vomit but that did put my stomach a bit on the edge. I'm not very worried about getting sick though because they are paranoid about h1n1 already and im sure they've already quarantined the students that have a fever.

After lunch we took a campus tour and I impressed Elina and Hyoungjung with my fluency (not) in Korean. We parted when it was time to take the Korean proficency test and then Milda and I talked to a boy who was part of KUBA (Korea University Buddy Assistance) and he walked into a mobile phone store where he talked to the man about getting us a phone and we learned the same information that we had at the meeting but we decided not to get a phone yet.

Milda and I then decided to go for a walk into Seoul where we found a resturant that had a menu in english (it was Chinese though not Korean) and we got chicken with garlic andd chicken with peanuts and red peppers. They were both spicy but it was nice because with dinner they gave us white tea which was cool and refreshing. They gave us fruit for dessert and it tasted weird the first was white and almost pineapple like then we had grapes that made me realize where candy products got their grape flavoring idea. They had pits in them and they were very gooey I tried hard not to think about the scene in willy wonka when he eats the green bug juice.

Tomorrow we register for classes and have a seoul city workshop.

Wendesday we are going for the Seoul city tour which includes visiting a museum, shopping and getting lunch then seeing a show called "Jump" which is based on traditional Korean martial art.

Thursday Milda and her KUBA and I are going to go shopping for the everyday things that we need living here like a phone and a hamper for laundry (most of all for me a towel and an adapter).

So far I have really enjoyed everyone that I have met I really like the people in my group and also I met a girl who goes to Ohio State named Caitlyn and I caught up with one of the boys who goes to the University of Dayton named Dawson (he was wearing a dayton shirt ha..)


  1. Hey Clare,

    So happy to read this update. Sounds like you are settling in nicely. How's the jet lag affecting you? Make sure any salad bar you eat from isn't really the compost heap, okay?
    xox, Mom

  2. I am soooo going to love your posts! Do you have a camera because I think pictures of your food experiences could be very fun. Take care and enjoy.