August 26, 2009

The Seoul city tour was so fun! first we went to the museum which was kind of boring but nice I guess it's kind of hard to pay attention when there are so many people around but it was really pretty and there were mountains in the background so that was cool. Then we ate yet another traditional Korean meal, we were at tables and sitting cross legged on the floor. A group of brittish boys were seated at the same table as us and listening to them talk was funny because they kept saying mate and brittish things and it was just amusing. Then we got to go outsite on the streets of Insadong which is a lot of vendors with nice cheap little things you can buy as gifts but also there were nice scarfs and jewelry, a lot of paper fans. We then went to the show Jump which was really good the martial arts were excellent and also the show was very funny. We had a great time but as we left it started pouring rain and that was a bummer so we had to walk far to the buses in pouring rain. Then we got off the buses back and Korea Uniersity and Milda went to go buy her phone so I walked back then it REALLY started pouring and I ducked into a shop to buy an umbrella and I also got a bag of chips then I also got a beer just because I felt like it so I bought my first legal beer in Korea today. Then I read on the balcony for a while it was nice because it was cooler since it was raining.

Some things I think everyone should know about Seoul so far:
1) Women where high heels all the time. and not just casual ones like evening wear ones with just plane tee shirts and jorts, very bizzare.
2) it is extremely hilly so I don't know how these girls can walk all over the place because I'm having problems and I consider myself to be in good shape and I am only wearing flip floops.
3) Cop cars have their lights on all the time so if you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror its not because youre getting pulled over its just that there is a cop behind you
4) Motorcycles can go anywhere. If you think you are safe on the sidewalk, you are wrong.

ok that's all!


  1. Love the photo enhancement! So are you shorter than everyone since they are wearing heels?

  2. sounds like you are doing just fine for yourself!!! How's Korean beer??

  3. I love your post. Asian Women LOVE HIGH HEELS! We see that when we travel. London, New York and San Francisco, believe it or not I have even seen them wearing them at the National Parks where you wear hiking boot! Go figure. Clare I'm thinking these people don't have a sense of humor. Don't get suck in and loose yours. Don't worry about the Ice Cream thing I fiqured you wouldn't have had time. Looking forward to the daily blogs. love ya!

  4. Oh, Don't ya feel normal that your the same height as everyone else. I know I would.