August 30, 2009

Today was AMAZING. woke up and had a muffin and some coffee that I had bought the night before for breakfast and read until 1:15 then got ready to go out with Elina. She and I met at Anam subway station where we then went to Gyeongbokgun the biggest palace in Seoul, right next to a beautiful mountain (they always build their main government buildings next to a mountain because it represents power). The palace was right next to the Korean Folk Museum and it was very nice to walk around the grounds, we saw some really big fishsome the size of my arm in one of the ponds. Then we went for a walk to get lunch at a place called Kraze Burger (They call it Kraze burger because apparently it is a mix of the word Korean and Crazy.) It was very nice to have a burger and fries after a week of Korean food. Then we walked to a river that they just restored because it had been so populated and there is a great path right next to it that we walked along and saw some Korean mimes doing dancing and fooling around. We sat by the river and talked then kept walking to go to a department store so Elina could buy new shoes so we walked up to the street and heard some traditional Korean music and followed it to watch a band for a while. Then we got on a subway and went to myeongdong a shopping center. We went into a really nice department store and it was great to look around. Something I realised this week was that when they play American songs they dont play the censured version so it is really weird to be walking around a nice department store and hearing the f bomb drop and looking around to see if anyone else noticed. nope just me. We were tired of all the walking so we decided to go home, I met Milda for dinner at Italian Plates which was nice then we walked back.

School starts tomorrow ah! I have to change one of my classes because it conflicts with another one, so before class tomorrow I think I will do that. My first class starts at 2pm. very very exciting!


  1. Too bad you have to go to classes...wouldn' it be fun to live as a tourist for four months? Maybe taking a language class once a day. Glad you did something special before school started. Have a great first day of classes and send me your schedule once it's all worked out.

  2. Hi Clare,
    We are so happy that you are taking advantage of this great opportunity. Wish we could have spent some time in Korea!!! We are enjoying your blog!

    Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill

  3. Keep up the posts - they are lots of fun to read. Good Luck with your classes!!