August 25, 2009

Started the day off with registering for our student ID card which will also act as a bank card for Hana Bank, the process of getting it is 4-5 weeks which is a long time but it will be nice to finally get one!
After that we had lunch and we asked many questions about traveling and different things about Seoul to Elina who was very nice and answered all the questions
Then we went to the starbucks in Tiger Plaza where I learned that Korea has the 1st or 2nd most expensive starbucks in the world (5,800 won for a tall mocha! which is about $5.80). After starbucks we went to the "Life in Seoul Workshop" where a young woman who grew up in Korea but has studied/lived in United States, Germany and Italy answered a lot of questions from us about good places to visit, shop and eat.
Then Milda and I registered for our classes and learned more about our Alien Registration card. After that we walked around the campus waiting for 4:30 to meet our buddies to go shopping and so we found that there were shops underneath central plaza where we had gone earlier and just saw a lawn of grass (it was really interesting underneath the school store was there and a phone company some resturants and an entrance to the business building and underground parking). We met with our buddies at around 4:15 then we split up and I got an adapter ! :-) then we went and I got a cell phone for about 60$ and an hour and a half of minutes for $30 (incoming calls are free, even from abroad). While waiting in the cell phone store I was educated a little bit in Korean pop music because it was playing over the speakers and there is a popular boy band called 2pm which I will have to check out. Hyungjung had to go home but then Elina and I went out and had some very good Japanese food then she walked back with me to CJ International House because she had never seen it before, she lives with her family in Seoul and we hung out with Milda for a while then I walked Elina to the door and got myself a coke from a vending machine.
I am really excited for tomorrow's trip into Seoul should be very busy and fun. Hopefully I can sleep tonight without waking up in the morning at 4:30 am...

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  1. Sounds like KU is doing a really good job of orienting their exchange students. Can't wait to hear the report on downtown Seoul.
    xox, Mom