August 29, 2009

Ok, yesterday was fun. I made it food day, that ment that I ate whatever I wanted that I saw and it was great. First we went to the Uni-store and I got school supplies and I also got a towel because I was tired of using one of my dresses as a towel. It's kind of nice taking a shower with a towel after not having one for a while but anyway it's maroon and it says Korea University in english and Korean in gold and there is a gold tiger head. baller. Then I decided I wanted to try some food at one of the little food places and it was fried stuff and you point to what you want and I had some fried patatos and a fried rice dumpling. Milda got soem fried vegetable thing that I had some of and all of it was very good and only for 2000won!!! (less than $2!) Then we went to a bakery and it was great I had two cookies for 1000 won and they had lots and lots of really good looking stuff *cough mom cough* Then Milda got a strawberry smoothie for 1000 won and then we went on the subway to go to the movie theatre where we went the wrong way down the street to it and so we walked into a mac store to get directions and they were playing IN YOUR ATMOSPHERE BY JOHN MAYER. everyone I've asked here doesn'tknow who he is and in your atmosphere isnt even a popular song. it was great. Then we went to the movie theater and met with a boy named Frederico from Italy and he had a girl named Sophia with him but she didn't stay for the movie but seemed very nice. We saw Public Enemy. Going to the movies in Korea is interesting because they assign you a seat in the theatre and also there isn't any coming attractions which is kind of sad for me because I like those. It was funny when I was giving the lady my ticket to show that I bought one for the show because I accidentally gave her my ticket to the Jason Mraz concert that I went to before Korea that was in my purse. I was the only one who thought that was funny. THEN we watched Public Enemies which was really really good and long but I didn't mind it. the movie started at 6:40 and we got out at like 9. THEN we went back to the room and went clubbing with Irina and her friend Sam from Ghana he was nice. We took a taxi there and it took like an hour but was only 14,800 won which I didn't think was so bad. We stayed out until like 3 then took a taxi back. It was funny watching all those Koreans going crazy over all these american songs. On the way back we passed by a lot of clubs and this building that when I looked at looked like a doll house because it showed all the different rooms in a house with a glass sheet over it and I thought it was some kind of perverted strip club because I saw bunk beds and young looking girls sitting around and I thought they were just on display but when I got closer I saw that they were all holding microphones and staring at a tv then I realized that it was a karaoke bar. Crazy koreans.

This morning I woke up at like 12 and read for a while then took a shower and walked down to "Tout les Jours" which sells like bread stuff and I really wanted a bagel but so far I haven't food any place that looks like it would sell a good bagel so I had a DONUT. crazy. and a strawberry smoothie. On my way back I bought a Korea Times because the headline was "Anti-Racism Law Proposed" and found out that the bill is the first legal attempt to to fight racism in South Korea which was interesting.

My plans for today include: Cleaning my room, setting up school supplies and reading. I also might go to a karaoke bar with a girl named Caitlyn from Ohio State and her friends.


  1. Your dress as a towel?!?!?!?! Where were you raised? Do you have sheets on your, wait, if you don't think you're going to like the answer to a question, don't ask it, so I take back the sheets question. I thought you were going to rent sheets and towels. Thanks for the update. Sounds fun.

  2. I DID rent sheets but they didn't give us towels. They dont give you a bed cover so im using my sheet as that and they gave us a blanket so im using that too

  3. Have you actaully attended any classes yet?? It sounds like you are getting a different kind of education,though!