August 25, 2011

Meeting up with Dan

In the town that I teach at there are 13 ETAs.. 3 are on the outskirts and 10 of us are in the city. Dan Hayes who went to Eastern Michigan (crazy that the two people from Michigan got placed right next to each other) teaches at the all boys high school right across the street from my school and we finally met up two days ago.

Because he is teaching and I am not I waited outside his school for him to get done with this classes (he gets out at 3 but he told me the boys stay there until 10 studying!! ahh!!) We then walked around the area a little bit, went to Dunkin' Donuts then to his apartment so he could change out of his teaching clothes. I didn't go in because we don't know the whole friends over routine yet so I stayed outside and read on a bench, after we walked to one of the 7 Paris Baguettes a cafe chain here and I got a sandwich because I told my family I would eat dinner and I was tired of being STUFFED then we started walking back to my house because I told my sister I would be back at 7:30 so we could go out with one of her friends. As Dan and I were walking my parents saw us and decided to force my sister to invite him along the whole thing was very amusing. So we (the whole family, Sol included) got into the van then were dropped off at a part of the city I don't know and met Jihyea's friend Juyoung (a guy who was in her grade at school but was older because he'd already done his army years) so Dan, Jihyea, Juyoung and I went to a bar like place which was fun because we just drank and I didn't have to go to a Norebang because Juyoung doesn't like them!! :)

Two important things happened that night
1. I found out that I don't have a curfew which is amazing BECAUSE a lot of ETAs are given curfews by their family
2. My sister and I bonded and that's awesome

We came home at 1:30 but then Jihyea and Juyoung went out to meet MORE friends but I went to bed because I was told that tomorrow we would be going to the graves of family members so not knowing what that meant, what I should wear, when we were leaving I went to bed.

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