August 10, 2011

Korean Final!

YAY! Congratulations ETAs we have finally finished (kind of) Korean classes.

I had my four hour final today which consisted of one hour of reading, one hour of writing, interview and role play. blaahhh!! My teacher told me I did very well. He told a lot of people that though, but our class is the best soooooo typical. We still have our final project which is a video, ours is almost done we just have one more scene to shoot then we have to edit.

This weekend we are going to Seoul for graduation at Korea University! On Friday we will go to the DMZ then the ambassador's pool party... except I don't think it's really a pool party. Saturday is a free day Sunday we have something else that we're doing that I forgot and Monday we have graduation at Korea University!! I could pee my pants over all the excitement except that I'm also really sad becauseeeeee

... we only have 8 more days of orientation :( I never thought I would get close to any of the people here but now I am officially in freak out Clare mode where I act crazy all the time for pretty much no reason. blahhhhh I'm glad I'm going to be close to Leslie but there are still so many other people I won't be by and it's not even just my close friends it's all my other friends that are awesome that I haven't been able to get close to yet... I NEED MORE TIME!!! blah. That's my life right now. Sorry I haven't written in awhile this Korean Final pretty much took over my life.

Oh, also on Saturday I took a cooking class with Lucy so I can make two Korean dishes now! wohoo I'm on my way to Korean domestication. Now all I have to do is clean my room...


  1. So much to do so little time - but I have great faith in you. I always have. Evan can tell you about a few rooms we saw today that really need cleaning.

  2. I'm going to send you all those bags of Depends from Granny's. The U.S. Ambassador? That's pretty cool.