August 22, 2011

Apparently seaweed is my new favorite food...

This morning I woke up to yet another bowl of seaweed soup. I'm starting to think that my family believes that seaweed=rice in the proportion it should take up in a meal. I mean, I can take my seaweed but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. I said the first day that I didn't like seafood but apparently seaweed doesn't come from the sea... THAT'S OK. really. As long as it is low in calories because I HONESTLY cannot eat anymore. All we do here is eat. I'm now convinced that Koreans have super human metabolisms.

Today after breakfast I went to school ^^ yay!! And I watched one of my co-teachers (Mirim, the same girl that picked me up from the school) for 2 of her classes during summer camp. After that we briefly met the principal who was impressed I could write/speak a little in Korean. Then Mirim, Minah, and the director of the school's research program went to lunch and had ITALIAN!!! No seaweed involved. And man did we have a lot. There was a plate of spaghetti, a plate of fried pork, a plate of steak and vegetables and a whole pizza then afterwards we had coffee. I'm thankful because I think the Koreans here understand my constant need for caffeine after every meal. Speaking of coffee I just spilt it all over my skirt and cell phone. good job clare.

After the meal we went to a baby clothes store which was very confusing for me because I didn't know why we were going then we tried to open a bank account for me but that didn't work because I didn't have my passport so I have to ask my sister if she can help me do that tomorrow. We exited the bank then got back into the directors car where I was taken to the hospital. My thoughts were "oh great, they noticed my old man who's been smoking for 50 years cough and think they were given a sickly English teacher" but then as we got closer I realized it was a woman's hospital. We went to the 7th floor where I then met another English teacher who was wearing a hospital gown. She is currently out of commission because she JUST GAVE BIRTH YESTERDAY to a baby named "Holy Warrior" who has a whole lot of hair for a baby if you ask me. Lucky for me I didn't have to hold it so I also didn't cough on it. I did have to awkwardly sit next to my half naked co-worker though. She informed me that she was in labor for 32 hours then asked me how many kids I wanted after I was married. Hello new friend, I am not in the right mental state to be thinking about marriage and children right now I am sitting next to a naked Korean woman and I still don't have a bank account.

I was relieved of the awkwardness of the situation when visiting hours ended and I was able to finally return to school. I was going to walk and find a stationary store then sit at one of the cafes I had seen earlier but one of my co-teachers insisted on showing me where everything was which really bothered me at the time since I feel that I haven't had any alone time in awhile but she was only doing it to be nice so I am thankful she did that.

Now I am sitting in a nice cafe with a lovely very expensive mocha frappacino that I splurged on because, hey, I deserve it. I am trying to connect with one of the ETAs in the area. We are so close (as in our schools are literally across the street from each other and he is probably in one of the apartment buildings within 500 meters of me because that's where everyone lives) but we are also very far away from each other because he doesn't have a cell phone yet and we don't know the area very well. It's crazy!!! I want to meet up with the other ETAs in the city too but I don't even know my address so I don't know how a Taxi would be able to take me home when I get lost... which is inevitable. Mostly, I am grateful that I am by myself in a cafe.


  1. I think seaweed is good for you; maybe it will cure the cough. Take a pic of your bed and your family (but not your family in bed), would you?

  2. You are so funny I can't stand it. The kids are going to love you. Can't wait to see pics and to hear stories from Clare the teacher!

  3. Clare I love you. I love your humor. I'm glad to see you're enjoying your time