August 18, 2011


I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in forever but we were in Seoul at Korea University and then we came back and had to do all this closing stuff and NOW I'M AT MY HOUSE WHERE I WILL BE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR SITTING ON MY BED THAT'S MADE OUT OF STONE.

that's right. I have a bed made out of stone, it's supposedly really expensive and good for my health.

Also, my family is super religious and I accidentally told them I was Catholic and now I think I have to start going to church again.

But I have more siblings! I have a brother who's in the army who I haven't met yet and a sister who's in college who I also haven't met yet but I also have an 11 year old brother in 4th grade and he is awesome except he told me the house was "spider central" so that might not be so great.

Did I mention I have a stone bed?

Ok so departure day was really crazy. The OCT kept telling us what it was going to be like but obviously you don't know what it's like until it happens. We woke up really early and had to clean out our rooms and move our luggage into the taekwondo room and then we went and got announced to in front of all the principals and co-teachers who would run up and give us flowers and stuff (don't worry mine didn't do that and only my co-teacher came because the principal and vice principal were busy). THEN we had lunch with our school companions and I really got along with my co-teacher she is very sweet and nice. Afterward they had a meeting so we could say our last goodbyes on the first floor then after the meeting they just swarmed us and started dragging us away from each other and I was watching my friends being ripped away from me and we don't have cell phones and we weren't sure about our homestay and oh my goodness it was so dramatic.

So I got in my car with my co-teacher and we talked for a while then she told me I could take a nap so I did because it would be awkward anyway then we got to the school were I met the vice principal and more teachers then we went to go get my phone!! so now I can text Leslie. After that they took me to my homestay then we talked for a while and my co-teachers helped me unpack then they left and my family and I went to dinner then we went to E Mart which is essentially target to get me some things then we came back and they essentially told me to shower. so I did. then I sat on this stone bed that I have now.

I don't start teaching until September 1st so we'll see what I do until then. probably nothing. BAH

This is crazy.


  1. Welcome to the adult world of hurry up and wait; sit around and wait; sleep and wait. Could be fun to explore the town and surrounding country. You may find an empty shell just waiting for you to row!

  2. Post a pic of your bed. And don't become a crazy Pentacostal. Is your family Catholic? I guess you'll find out soon!

  3. I'm more concerned about crazy Roman Catholics, which is what they are... my ohma goes to church EVERYDAY and they went to church at 6am Sunday so I was like effffff thattttt. I don't think my sister or brother went with them so that made me feel better.