August 26, 2011

Downtown Cheongju

So last night Dan and I went on our first bus ride in Cheongju! It was actually super easy we are like 5 stops away from downtown so my sister told me what buses to take, how expensive it was, and where to get off. It was kind of cool like a miniature Myeongdong. There were a lot of shops and some movie theaters and a lot of coffee shops.

We walked around and stopped in some places then decided to see Hangover 2 which was awkward because none of the Koreans were laughing at all and Dan was laughing a lot.

Tomorrow is my friend Crystalyn's birthday so we are all meeting downtown to celebrate! Will let you know how that goes.

Today I find out my school schedule! yayyyy.

1 comment:

  1. Your mama is happy to be getting all these posts. I'm glad that the downtown area is fun -- did you spy any good restaurants? Let us know about the school schedule -- and Happy Birthday to Crystalyn!